Streamlight 51025 Buckmasters Camo Twin-Task Flashlight Review


Streamlight is just one of the brands you know and you trust.  You know you might pay a little more, but you get a lot better quality with their products.  Well it would seem, but that was until I saw the reviews on Amazon.  I can’t say this light had the best reviews. However for me, I love this light.  Now I am not saying it’s the best light in the world, but for the price I like it.  Also, you have to remember its place.  If I am working under the hood of a truck, I won’t use this light.  If I need an everyday flashlight, I won’t be using this.  If I need a small flashlight that is easy to carry around when I am hunting or camping, yes I will carry this light.  It’s a great light for that type of environment.  So as you read this review, I am assuming you will be using it for that small pocket light you will be carrying around when you are hunting or camping.

First, I would like to say I am a little bias towards Streamlight.  The reason being is because I have a Streamlight Survivor light and I love it.  No it’s not the LED, it’s much older.  I bought this in 2005 and have put this light through so much and yes it still works today.  I have dropped that light on so many occasions and it just works.  I can’t even begin to tell you everything that light has gone through.  Well I know you’re not here for that review so let me jump into the 51025 Buckmaster light.

This light is pretty compact with a length of only 5.5″ and the widest part (Lens) is 1.25″ wide.  Not bad when you want to carry something in your jacket pocket.  As you can see by the pictures it has a cool camouflage look to it.  While the light is made from machine aluminum, the light itself is encased in a plastic protective coating.  So not only does it protect the light, but provides a nice grip to the light.  Since you will be using this light outside, Streamlight designed this with water in mind.  The O-ring seal helps protect from moisture.  Oh yeah just in case you smack the lens cover, good luck breaking it.  The lens is made from a strong polycarbonate to help protect it from even the toughest conditions.

The reflector is a micro faceted reflector which does a great job spreading the light.  Now if you are looking for a light for distance, this wouldn’t be my first choice.  Not that the light doesn’t project far, but it doesn’t have as nice of a beam that I have seen with other lights. In my opinion, this light is made for up close use, such as reading a map or other things you want to do where you need to shed some light.

To operate this light, there is a push button on the side.  Press the button once and the three green LEDs will turn on.  You should expect about a 28 hour run time in this mode. Push the button again and the white Xenon light will come on.  In this mode you should expect a 2.5 hour run time.  Push the button one more time and it will go back to green. One more push and the light is off.

My one complaint about this light is it takes two cr123A batteries.  Not a huge deal, but I always seem to have AA hanging around and don’t often find myself with extra cr123A batteries.

I have to say while some of the reviews have been bad with this light, the light does have it’s place.  While it may be for a niche market, it is a great light for that niche.

buyamazon1Streamlight 51025 Buckmasters Camo Twin-Task Flashlight, Camo

If you are looking for a nice, solid, tough light to carry around when you are hunting or camping, this is a great light.  While the beam could be better for father away applications, it is perfect for reading a map at night or doing up close things where you just need a little more light.  I would have no problem recommending this light.



  1. Looks like a cool light. Thru the years I’ve learned it’s worth to spend a little extra on this tool category because they do come in handy. I have two streamline brands that I keep around the house for emergencies. My kids love flashlights like there daddy. I also own Fenix (headlight 500 lumes & 1 recharge at 300 lumes)), LED Lenser (2 200 & 400 lumes), & SUREFIRE (EDC 700 lumes & 150 lumes). These cost a pretty penny, but worth their weight in gold when you need them. I haven’t bought a flashlight in a couple of years, because of the 3 brands I mentioned. I promised not to spend more when I have very nice & expensive lights. Yes, I was a flashlight junkie. Laters TIA

  2. Good review & ya got my atttention UNTIL I saw what kind of battery it takes.
    Those batteries can be hard to find and are not cheap. Will stick with the C-D-AA-AAA
    battery powered flashlights. Even the po-dunk mom & pop stores carry them.


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