Tools We Want to See – Cordless Liquid Pump


I am going to start a set of posts about tools we want to see in the future that do not exist yet.  I am still in amazement of my cheap Chinese made Sierra Tools Battery-Operated Liquid Transfer Pump Model# JB5684.  I have used this pump a lot more than I thought I would now consider it a necessity.  Mine is still going strong and for $13 has paid for itself.   However 2 D batteries are not cheap and the quality is a bit lacking. The main purpose I use the pump for is transferring fuel.  The pumps long shaft design allows it to get to the bottom of a tank or can with ease.

There is a huge market for a quality pro tool like this. We need a 12V or 18V pump that works and looks relatively like the Sierra one.   With the ability to hook it to a garden hose and the ability for it to transfer flammable liquids like fuel at at least  6 quarts per minute.  Like the Sierra have a long shaft design with an LED light at the bottom so you can see into the tank.

Hopefully this is a wake up call to all the manufactures out there.  This tool is needed and I can’t believe someone like Milwaukee has not come out with one yet.  Hopefully in 2014 we will see a product like this emerge .


12v pump


  1. Tools we want to see (also for Milwaukee since I’m invested in their system):
    – Corded 12/18v adapter so you can run your cordless Milwaukee tools plugged into wall power when needed or for longer jobs.
    – Cordless 18V Mini inflator/compressor. Ryobi and others have one.
    – Cordless Dust buster. I have the huge 18V Milwaukee vac, but would love a compact handheld 12v vacuum. If they want to get fancy, make it with a belt clip and a removeable short flex hose so you can use it to collect the dust as you’re drilling a hole, cutting an opening, etc.

  2. You might just have to start building prototypes Dan! You already got your drawings down, now it’s time to build your own tool line! I know i would if i knew how…

  3. I just recieved mine today from amazon after seeing ur guys video, I haven’t tried it out yet but I will this weekend and let u guys know thnx guys for leading me to another cool tool!!


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