Top 10 Power Tool Christmas Gifts Guide

Top 10 Power Tool Christmas Gifts Guide

The weekend is here and this is our last day of our seasonal gift guides.  We hope you have enjoyed them and in case you have missed them, here are the links to the previous day’s power tool gift guides.

Today we took the gloves off and just created a general list where we put some cool tools together and didn’t worry about the cost.  Let us know what you think of this list and the other lists we have created over the week.  Enjoy the list and enjoy your weekend.

Makita designed one of the best subcompact kits on the market.  With the size of a 12V drill and impact but the power of a 18V tool, these subcompacts are a game changer.  Lightweight and powerful all in one.  Take a look at them on Amazon for $229.

If you want a great 12V drill and impact, check out the Bosch.  Lightweight, small and powerful.  Perfect for those jobs where space is at a premium or if you don’t want to carry around the weight of the 18V tools.  You can pick these up on Amazon for $129.

This is the one and only compound miter saw to own.  This has won the TIA awards for a number of years in a row.  The Dewalt saw is accurate and easy to use.  If you are looking for the perfect miter saw, the Dewalt is the one to own.  You can grab this on Amazon for $360.

Milwaukee Tool owns the reciprocating saw.  Yesterday we recommended the one-handed HackZall, but we know some people want a bigger reciprocating saw tool for their arsenal.  The Milwaukee saw is powerful and low in vibrations.  Perfect for that long work day.  Check it out at The Home Depot for $310.

When it comes to Jig Saw, Bosch is the one to own.  The Bosch Jig Saw is overlooked by some, but ask anyone who owns one and you will get an instant smile.  Smooth and powerful, the Bosch is the perfect tool to get jiggy with.  Buy it on Amazon for $149.

As with the Miter saw, Dewalt makes an incredible table saw.  While the stand needs a little work, the saw is top notch.  Smooth and very accurate, but most of all, extremely powerful to cut through any size lumber.  You can pick up this bad boy on Amazon for $550.

The Oscillating tool.  No one does it like Bosch.  The tool is a perfect fit for any hands and extremely low in vibration.  Quick blade changes and the variable speed make this the oscillating tool to own.  You can pick up the Bosch oscillating tool on Amazon for $199.

The one and only cordless circular saw to own, the Makita rear handle saw.  We used this circular saw for my roof.  Time and time again it proved to work hard.  No cords to mess around with and powerful enough to cut our old lumber.  The runtime is exceptional.  If you are looking for a cordless circular saw, the Makita Rear Handle Circular Saw is the one to own.  You can pick this up on Amazon for $350.

When it comes to lighting and the power tool world, Milwaukee Tool does it right. With a ton of lighting solutions, the tower light is one of our favorites.  Lights up an area, easy to adjust and spread the light without any heat build up.  You can buy this at The Home Depot with a battery for $550.

Considered the best laser by some, the Bosch is known for their quality and accurate lasers.  This bad boy laser creates a 360° line and is perfect for any job.  Very easy to see and the self-leveling makes it a simple and painless set up.  Amazon is selling this for $350.


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