Bosch StarLock Plus – The World’s Best Oscillating Tool

Bosch StarLock Plus

Okay I get it, that title is a powerful statement and not everyone will agree.  So go ahead and tell me how wrong I am, but just a little heads up.  I have been married for 13 years and I am used to being told that I am wrong.  However I truly feel this is the best oscillating tool on the market and no, we aren’t getting paid by Bosch.  So why am I making this statement?  Well I will get to that below.  We have reviewed a couple Bosch Oscillating tools in the past.  We reviewed the Bosch corded MX30EC-21 and the Bosch cordless MXH180.  Both of these models surpassed our expectations in the oscillating tool category.  They are powerful and extremely smooth when operating.  So when we heard that Bosch StarLock Plus was available, we just had to get our hands on this tool.

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Bosch StarLock Plus Overview

Bosch StarLock PlusBosch offers this in two different models – GOP40-30B and the GOP40-30C.  While the tools are exactly the same, the B comes with less accessories and a soft case, while the C has a hard case and more accessories.  So what is the StarLock Plus system?  The Bosch StarLock Plus oscillating tool is a new way to attach accessories to an oscillating tool.  As you know accessories such as blades are thin and a little flimsy.  So when you take a powerful tool and attach a small accessory, the trick is being able to transfer the power from the tool to the blade.  So what Bosch did was develop a new way so more of the accessory is touching or grabbing the head of the tool, therefore transferring more of the power to the blade.  So with greater contact area, you can use more of the torque from the tool, which means greater output and more work.

The design of this system didn’t stop there.  They now have a no touch blade changing system.  Moving the lever on the front of the tool will allow two prongs to close together.  Now just take your blade and press it up against the tool and it will automatically lock the blade in place.  Removing the blade is just as easy.  Pull back on the lever and the blade easily comes off the tool.  As you might guess, this design also makes it easy and quick to change angles on any accessory.

The inside of the tool starts with a 4 amp motor that produces 8,000 to 20,000 oscillations per minute with a 3.0° oscillating arc.  To power up or down the tool, just move the top thumb switch forward or back.  If you need to adjust the speed, no worries.  On the back of the tool, there is a thumb dial that will allow you to easily adjust the speeds. One cool feature is the constant responsive design which means even under load, the tool will keep working at the speed you set the tool for.

The outside of the tool is slim and only weighs 3.3 lbs.  When you are using the tool, you will notice it doesn’t vibrate your hand off like other oscillating tools we have seen.  This is partly because of the internal workings of the Bosch StarLock Plus.  The tool has reinforced gearing, which also means more durability.  Don’t worry, there are also two LED lights that help shine up dark corners when working with shadows.

Bosch didn’t stop there.  They also have two cool features on the front and back of the tool.  On the front, you will notice a no-mar pad to help protect delicate work.  While in the back, the cord has a swivel to help maneuver the tool easier and also protect the cord.

Bosch StarLock Plus Performance

Bosch StarLock PlusEverything above sounds great, but how does it perform?  Well once you get this in your hands you will see it performs awesome.  The vibrations are very minimal which means you won’t have that tingling feeling in your hand when done for the day.  Now we don’t have the technology to test the torque transfer, but we do notice this tool defiantly cuts much better than other tools we have tried, so we are assuming the torque transfer with Bosch StarLock Plus is working.  Now I know some people complained before about the variable speed being on the back of the tool, but most will agree that is the perfect place to place the speed dial so you don’t accidentally bump it with your hand or work, which could alter your final work.  I also know some people may think all oscillating tools are the same, but I can assure you that this is not the case.

Bosch StarLock Plus Specifications

  • Amperage 4.0
  • Length 11.0″
  • Material Aluminum and Glass-Filled Nylon
  • Oscillating Angle 3.0°
  • Oscillations Per Minute 8,000-20,000
  • Speed 8,000-20,000 SPM
  • Variable Speed
  • Voltage 120V
  • Weight 3.3lb
  • Width 2.5″

Bosch StarLock Plus Includes

  • (1) Bosch StarLock Plus Oscillating Tool
  • (1) OSL114C 1-1/4 In. Carbide Plunge Blade
  • (1) OSL114F 1-1/4 In. Plunge Blade
  • (1) OSL114JF 1-1/4 In. Xtra-Clean Plunge Blade
  • (1) OSL312F 3-1/2 In. Segment Blade
  • (1) OSL200RS 2 In. Rigid Scraper Blade
  • (1) Sanding Pad
  • (25) Sanding Sheets
  • (1) Accessory Box
  • (1) Carrying Case

Bosch StarLock Plus Final thoughts

If you are looking for a professional oscillating tool that has a ton of power, low on vibrations and easy to handle, the Bosch StarLock Plus has everything to offer.  This is just one of those tools you have to get your hands on to appreciate using it.  As you know every tool has something they can always improve on, but for this tool, it’s pretty hard to find anything.  So with that said, next time you’re at the store, pick one of these up and give it a shot.



  1. You guys are hard on my wallet! Looks great though, I’ll probably be junking my HF one for this. Other one works fine, just need something quieter, smoother, and tool free

  2. STAROCK is a wonderful connection, snap fit is just great for blades, no more fumbling with set screws and goofy release levers, stronger connection means better cuts and longer blade life. Star lock Max is going to be where its at, that stuff is going to have loads of power, Dremel has their high Amp OMT but they didn’t update their connection to the blade which will hold power back, Bosch and Fein are leading the way though! #tiacrew

  3. I love this tool, I use it all the time even sanding which I never thought I’d use it for. My only complaint is the cutting heads seem to wear out quickly and start to burn the material.


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