Milwaukee Performance Gloves – Three Varieties

Milwaukee Gloves

Milwaukee brings a ton of new items to market each year.  One area they have been accelerating at is the work wear market.  They have been coming out with jackets, shirts and more.  Now they have a new line of gloves available called the Milwaukee performance gloves.  Now I know gloves are really exciting, in fact this is more about awareness.   I am not going into every little detail about the gloves, but I do want to make you aware that Milwaukee now has some great gloves for the market.  We had a chance to look at three different pairs they offer.

The Milwaukee performance gloves come in three different styles.  They are offering the Performance gloves (48-22-8723), the Performance fingerless gloves (48-22-8743) and the Free-Flex Gloves (48-22-8713).  Again, I am not hear to tell you these are the world’s best gloves because who really knows what is the best glove?  For me, it’s like a baseball glove.  Someone might love one manufacturer, while someone else will swear on a different manufacturer. In the end, it really comes down to the user and their preference.  For me, I really don’t wear gloves.  Yes, I understand it keeps my hands clean and most importantly a glove will protect them.  But I always find myself taking them off because either they are too hot, uncomfortable or they just get in the way.  So in the end, I end up with dirty and bruised hands.

Milwaukee GlovesWhen Milwaukee designed these gloves, they wanted to make them more useful to today’s world.  That’s why one of the features they included is a smart wipe feature.  No it’s not for when you visit the bathroom, it’s actually for your smart devices.  We all know that our smartphones are part of our everyday lives, but not when it comes to gloves.  You can’t use your smart phone while wearing gloves because the screens will not recognize your fingers under gloves.  With the Milwaukee gloves, you can now use your smartphone while wearing these gloves.  Perfect for the people married to their phones.

All three gloves feature a breathable backing for helping keep your hands cool and to help stop the sweating issues we have with gloves.  The Performance Fingerless gloves obviously give you more dexterity since you don’t have finger tips.  One other feature with the fingerless gloves is the padding.  The fingerless offers padding along your palms and are reinforce where your fingers meet your hands.

You can pick these up for about $10 at your local Home Depot.

Again, I am not getting into everything about these gloves because let’s be real, how exciting are gloves?  Yes, the people over at Milwaukee Tool are excited, but I guess that is their passion.  Again I am not the glove wearing type of person, but for those who wear gloves, this is something you can take a look at next time you’re at the local hardware store.  If you are looking for dexterity, the fingerless are the way to go.  Sorry to say, I still have yet to find a glove that offers full dexterity for tiny parts and nothing competes with your bare hands.  Yes, Latex gloves are the best for that, but they don’t offer any protection.

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