Bosch Battery – The New 18V 6Ah Battery is Here

Bosch Battery

Are you using Bosch tools?  If so this is great news for you.  The new Bosch battery is available.  So what is so special about this battery?  Well Bosch increased the amps to their 18V battery.  The new battery is now 6Ah.  So what does this means?  Well let’s look at it this way.  Voltage is the size of your gas tank, amp hours is the amount of gas in your tank.  So this means you can do more work with your 18V battery.  Best of all, the size of the battery is the same as their previous version.

So get this.  The new Bosch BAT622 battery  is the lightest, most compact and longest runtime FatPack-style battery available in the power tool industry.  That is saying a lot.  So how do they create a smaller, lighter battery that is able to take on high intensity applications?  Simple, well not from a technology stand point, but from an understanding stand point.  We all know that the hardest thing to over come on battery technology is being able to dissipate heat build up, heat kills batteries.  With Bosch, they have a CoolPack technology which is designed to cool internal cell temperatures.  Which means they don’t have to create such a big battery compared to their competitors.

As a note, yes, this battery is compatible with all their 18V lithium line of tools.  Check it out on Amazon





  1. Shocked they were one of the first to release a 6.0, pretty soon we will see their eneracer pack thats in line with the Metabo LiHD, cool technology! #tiacrew


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