Bosch Cordless Grinder – 18V of Grinding Power Model GSW18V-50


Yesterday we posted about the new Bosch 6Ah battery, so it’s only fitting we talk today about the new Bosch cordless grinder.  In my opinion, Bosch makes the best grinders.  Just in case you were wondering, no they didn’t pay us to say that.  I had a couple older ones that I have beat the heck out of and they keep on grinding.  While they are corded versions, I wouldn’t expect anything less with their cordless version.  Now if you know Bosch, you are expecting a professional tool that will last for years, so let’s see what Bosch packed into this bad boy.

Bosch opted to build this grinder around a 4 pole motor instead of a brushless motor.  I know brushless is the way of the future, but brushless motor seems like they shut down quicker.  With a 4-pole motor, this thing is a workhorse and just keeps.  The new grinder comes in either a 4.5″ or 5″ platform and is based off their 18V battery platform.  The Bosch cordless grinder has an optimized gearing system that provides 0-10,000 rpm.

As we all know, grinders aren’t the most friendly tool for your hands and arms.  Good thing Bosch designed this with a two position vibration control handle.  Just unscrew the handle and you can use it for lefties or righties.

Bosch Cordless GrinderAs far as the operation of the grinder, there is a nice thumb switch located on the side of the tool to turn it on or off.  Overall the handle is a decent size for most hands and the balance of the tool is great, which makes it much better for grinding and cutting.  Now Dan didn’t like the fact you needed a tool to change the guard direction.  While it is more time consuming, it’s not a huge deal, at least for me.  I would have liked to have seen a quick change guard system, but it isn’t a deal breaker.  I would have loved to see another guard for grinding included in the kit, but again, it is what it is.

What I like most about this grinder, besides power, is the size and weight of the tool.  The grinder only weighs 4 lbs which makes it a very lightweight grinder.  Again, better for preventing user fatigue.

Overall, I like this grinder.  While I think Bosch could have made some upgrades with the grinder, it’s still a great grinder.  The tool is designed to be abused, designed to have a long run time and designed for power, which it has all three.  Since these are the most important aspects of a grinder, I think Bosch did a great job with this new release.  If you are a Bosch fan or looking for a new grinder line, the Bosch cordless grinder won’t disappoint.





  1. Eric….when you say 2 dif platforms do you mean they are 2 different grinders or if they sell 2 different blade guards? I like to have a grinder that can take both 4.5 and 5 inch discs..not many do that….although sometime if you take the blade guard off, you can use both. If this bosch used 2 dif blade guards on the same grinder…that would be perfect…thanks

  2. Another sweet looking Bosch! Dayumm, you guys are going to make me jump into their 18v line if you keep it up! I’m already digging a ton of their 12v tools, and bought this guy’s little brother the 12v version. It is only a 3″ grinder, but man, it really does an awesome job, just have to take your time a bit more.

    Cheers gang!



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