Milwaukee WorkSkin Shirt – Keep Warm and Dry

Milwaukee WorkSkin

I have to admit that when we went to the Milwaukee Tool Media event, I was excited about seeing all the new tools.  While I was extremely impressed with everything, I was most excited about the Milwaukee WorkSkin shirt.  I know, it’s a little weird, but I have my reasons.  Now while I don’t do construction work anymore, there was a time I did.  I still remember those days of being outside in the cold and could never get comfortable.  I was either too hot or too cold.  I would sweat at times and shiver at other times.  Then I had those days I just wanted to peel my clothes off because I wasn’t comfortable in my shirt.  Luckily for everyone on the job site, I never went that far.  So when I found out Milwaukee has a new shirt available, I was excited because for me, it was about time.  Now don’t get me wrong, there are a ton of these shirts available on the market.  However Milwaukee being Milwaukee, they added a twist.  I think other manufacturers, not just tool manufacturers will follow.

As you already know, I am not in the trades anymore, but I do find myself wearing polyester shirts.  For me they are far more comfortable to move around in than cotton shirts.  Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against cotton as it’s a fine material.  However, I like the freedom of movement.

Milwaukee WorkSkinJust so you don’t get confused, these aren’t compression shirts, however they should be worn a little tight.  See the whole point of the Milwaukee WorkSkin shirt is it’s designed to be a base layer, your first article of clothing.  What this shirt does is keep a small air pocket between the shirt and your skin.  Your body will naturally warm up this air which will help keep you warm.  On colder days, you can easily toss on other articles of clothing to get the perfect temperature.  So let me guess, you’re wondering why you don’t just use a cotton shirt?  Well that is a great question, but with cotton, it’s less breathable, which means you sweat more.  When you sweat more, your body has a hard time regulating your temperature.  If you are into running or working out, you are probably already familiar with Polyester and how it works, which the Milwaukee WorkSkin shirt is made of.  Polyester is a material that is breathable and helps wick away sweat, keeping you dryer and warmer.

Two main places you sweat are under your arms and your upper back.  The body has more sweat glands in these areas.  So Milwaukee designed these areas a little different.  Now I don’t know the working behind these zones, but it appears it just has a little more material in these areas to help control the sweat.  However, I am glad Milwaukee thought of these problem areas and designed a solution to fix them.  These are machine and dryer safe.

One thing I really love about these shirts is they are tagless.  So no annoying tag poking you in the back, no ripping off tags and accidentally ripping your shirt.  Just put it on and go.

I gave a couple to my buddies who are still in the trades.  Unfortunately for us, it’s still summer time, so I will have to report back and see what they think.  Overall I am glad Milwaukee is thinking about the working person and some of the day to day challenges they face.  While others have forgotten about the simple things in life, Milwaukee did not.




  1. Those are pretty sweet, nice to have a milwaukee logo instead of an under armor logo LOL I bet this pairs nicely under their heated gear #tiacrew

  2. Shoot, who’s gunna be representing Milwaukee at the gym? THIS GUY!!….too bad I don’t go though :/ great apparel #TIACREW


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