Helly Hansen Workwear

Helly Hansen Workwear

Helly Hansen Workwear Overview

Construction is messy. Because of that we don’t often think about what we wear to a job. However, preparing for a project is more than selecting what tools you need. What we wear can have a direct impact on our ability to complete a project. Helly Hansen Workwear wants to be the clothing and apparel that helps you get the job done.

This Norwegian company, Helly Hansen, has been a top producer of premier sailing, ski and general sports apparel and a favorite among athletes worldwide, including Olympians.

Today we are going to check out a few items from their workwear line.

Henley Hansen Workwear Items

Helly Hansen Workwear – Jacket

The Helly Hansen Oxford Waterproof Shell Jacket (71290) is an adjustable year-round lightweight waterproof jacket that can be paired with a fleece liner in colder weather.

Made with 100% polyester rip-stop fabric and HellyTech Performance membrane creates a breathable, waterproof jacket that is resistant to wear-and-tear. The jacket has an attached hood with drawstrings, velcro-strap reinforced zipper to lock out cold, zipped pockets, velcro-closed sleeves, and Helly Hansen Workwear logo sewn in.

Buy the Helly Hansen Oxford Waterproof Shell Jacket online for $165

Available in sizes Mens XS to Mens XXL.

Helly Hansen Workwear – Bag

Helly Hansen water-resistant duffel bags come in a variety of sizes and feature multiple compartments to keep your belongings clean and safe while traveling between jobsites.

Each Helly Hansen Duffel Bag in the workwear line features three additional compartments to hold your shoes, tablet/phone, and a first-aid kid. The padded strap is comfortable and adjustable. Helly Hansen duffel bags are made with a water-resistant polyvinyl exterior, hold enough shape to pack easily, and made with smooth-sliding and durable YKK Zippers.

We got to check out the Helly Hansen Duffel Bag 70L (79573), available for $115.

This duffel bag is also available in sizes 50L, 90L, and 120L.

Helly Hansen Workwear – Pants

Helly Hansen Oxford Construction Pants (77476) are designed for comfort and durability at the construction site.

Made from a breathable 97% cotton, 3% elastin blend. Elastin and two-way stretch design in specific areas allow the flexibility necessary to work comfortably. Reinforced fabric on knees and bottom hem slow wear-and-tear.

The Oxford Construction Pants are available for $110 on the Helly Hansen site.

Available in sizes Mens 30/30 up to Mens 44/32.

Helly Hansen Workwear – Shirt

Helly Hansen’s Kensington T-Shirt (79246) is a comfortable blend of 92% cotton and 8% elastin. It’s a fitted basic t-shirt available in white, navy, grey melange, black, and forest-camo. Available in sizes Mens XS to Mens XXL.

Solid colored t-shirts feature the Helly Hensen Workwear logo on the left sleeve. The camo-forest colored t-shirt has the logo on the chest.

The Kensington T-Shirt is available on the Helly Hansen site for $35.

Helly Hansen Workwear – Hat

The Helly Hansen Lifa Merino Beanie (79705) combines Lifa and Merino Wool to create a material that keeps your head and ears warm, but doesn’t overheat and keeps the sweat off your head. The doubled-up Lifa Merino Wool and flatlock seam make a comfortable and snug fit that shapes to your head.

This beanie features the Helly Hansen Workwear logo. Helly Hansen rotates available colors and prints for this one-size-fits-most unisex beanie.

Buy it online for $25.

Danner Boots

Helly Hansen doesn’t make work boots. Fortunately, Danner is a US-based manufacturer that has been making quality, handmade work boots since 1932.

Danner Stronghold Boots (16719) are the perfect addition to your Helly Hansen Workwear. These handmade, full-grain leather boots are waterproof, shock-resistant, and water and oil slip-resistant. These boots have a classic look but are built with durable modern rubberized EVA midsoles that extend the boot’s life without sacrificing comfort. Danner also offers a 365-day warranty across their footwear line.

Buy these Danner Stronghold Work Boots for $220 on their website.

The Stronghold boots are also available in Women’s sizes.

Helly Hansen Workwear Value

You can’t find the value of Helly Hansen Workwear by comparing their apparel to other workwear brands. I tried. You can find another shirt from Duluth, another jacket from Carhartt, or find construction pants from Truewerk.

However, Helly Hansen has value as a quality one-stop-shop for workwear. You don’t need to go to multiple retailers to piece together one outfit. Plus, this high-performance workwear is designed to handle the day-to-day conditions of a construction site.

Helly Hansen Workwear Performance

Everything in this collection of Helly Hansen Workwear is breathable and flexible enough to perform well on the job.

The Oxford Waterproof Shell jacket holds up against rain and wind. Paired with the Kensington T-Shirt it’s comfortable to wear in the spring and fall, but an added layer would be nice in the winter. The Oxford Construction Pants are durable, but lightweight and flexible enough to move around easily in. The Lifa Merino Wool Beanie is comfortable and warm. It does a great job of keeping sweat out of your eyes during intense jobs without getting too hot on your head. And the Helly Hansen Duffel Bag 70L has tons of room, it’s comfortable to carry, and makes it easy to stay organized moving between worksites and home.

The Danner Stronghold Boots make a great addition to this full work outfit. The boots are comfortable and have great traction. Everything is well-constructed and functional.

Helly Hansen Workwear Wrap Up

This assortment of Helly Hansen Workwear and Danner Stronghold Boots is great for anyone, whether you’re just starting out in the trades or need to replace your workwear. Quality workwear is an investment. Choosing quality pieces, in the beginning, saves you down the line and can boost your confidence when starting in your career. Either way, these offerings from Helly Hansen and Danner Boots set you up with comfortable and durable workwear built to last.



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