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The Stud-Master is the debut product from Talon Tools, a family-owned, US-based tool manufacturer that wants to simplify construction. Created by homebuilders for fellow homebuilders and professional carpenters. The Stud-Master 16 and 24 are designed to speed up framing while improving accuracy. This tool is available in two sizes and was made to quickly and reliably space studs 16 in. or 24 in. apart while securing them into place.

Watch what happened when we paired the Stud-Master 16 with the MAX SuperFramer.

Stud-Master 16  – Information

The Stud-Master comes in two sizes, 16 in. or 24 in. Today, we are working with The Stud-Master 16. This tool is a simple one-piece, solid high-grade aluminum construction. It is fairly large at 19.45 in. x 6.3 in. x 2.24 inches, but weighs under two pounds. It’s lightweight enough to carry around to jobsites but big enough to stand out in a pile of tools.

The Stud-Master 16 is available for sale on Talon Tools website for $89.99. Talon Tools also offers a no-credit-impact payment plan of $22.49 every two weeks for a total of four payments. Also available at Amazon.

Stud-Master 16 Features

As mentioned, The Stud-Master 16 and 24 have a simple design that consists of one metal piece with three slots for studs. These slots are designed to hold 2 in. x 4 in. studs securely in place for framing. On The Stud-Master 16, center-to-center of the outer slots measures precisely 16 inches.

On the bottom of the long edge is the third slot used to position The Stud-Master along the base stud.

There is also a long handle. Which makes this lightweight tool very easy to move, position, and carry around.

Stud-Master 16 – Impressions

At first impression, The Stud-Master 16 has a simple, straightforward design. It does not have multiple pieces that need to be put together, inevitably get lost or additional joints or levers that can degrade over time.

This one-piece tool just slides right into position. Even though The Stud-Master 16 weighs less than two pounds, it is still a very sturdy piece of high-grade aluminum. This tool should last you a while, possibly a lifetime.

We went ahead and tested The Stud-Master 16. It worked perfectly. It held the studs securely in place while we nailed them to the frame. We measured afterward and it was a perfect, 16 in. on-center spacing. This tool could definitely speed up framing when you don’t need to stop and measure repeatedly.

Some people are turned off by a one-use tool. While we did not test additional applications, Talon Tools reports that The Stud-Master 16 and 24 can also be used to align and secure floor trusses, and are durable enough to fix a twisted stud.

Stud-Master 16 Wrap Up

When it comes to single-use tools there is a big question of “is it worth it?” Yes, The Stud-Master 16 and 24 were designed with a very specific use and user in mind. However, they would be very beneficial to a lot of people.

For Professionals

Carpenters and home builders have the most to benefit from The Stud-Master because it can speed up the framing process while ensuring it’s done accurately. Faster construction means you can get more done in a day, possibly take on more projects, and can reduce labor costs. Combine faster framing with less errors, that is money saved from expenses occurred from mistakes (materials, reconstruction costs). The Stud-Master 16 and 24 are also great tools for new employees and apprentices.

For Recreational DIYers

Similarly, The Stud-Master is a great tool for DIY projects, especially for beginners. Some may think The Stud-Master is an expensive tool for a one-project use. However, framing projects require accuracy to be safe. And again, redoing a framing project can cost a lot in both time and money.

Also, DIYers often do construction projects in their spare time. Knowing you can do a project faster, say, before the weekend is over, is a huge benefit to anyone that would like to stop doing projects in their spare time, and get back to spending it with family and friends.

Final Thoughts

In the end, The Stud-Master 16 and 24 are great tools for simplifying framing whether you are a professional or a weekend DIYer. It’s a simple, easy-to-use tool that will improve construction times and reduce or even remove errors regardless of your framing experience level.



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