Keter Master Pro Sliding Tool Chest

Keter Master Pro Sliding Tool Chest

If you have never had a chance to check out Keter products, I would highly suggest seeing what they are all about.  I have to admit that before I knew them as a company, I would see some of their stuff at stores.  However I never really took the time to check them out.  I just saw that they were plastic products and would always take a pass.  Not that plastic is bad, but I have run across too many products that were cheaply made from a flimsy plastic.  One day Keter reached out to us, so we thought why not give them a chance and see what they are all about.  Now Keter doesn’t pay us to look at these products, so when I say they are quality products, I am saying it because that is what I truly believe.  I have yet to find a Keter product I haven’t been impressed with.  So that brings me to the Keter Master Pro Sliding Tool Chest.

The Keter Master Pro Sliding Tool Chest is a pretty cool idea and a great way to store and transport your tools and accessories.  The box is large with a dimension of 24.4″ x 15″ x 16.5″ so you can store some serious stuff in this box. Now considering it’s big and you can store bigger and heavier items in the box, it’s nice to know that this box has thick plastic.  This is a box I could see taking a ton of abuse and still being able to perform.

Since you can store big and heavy items in this box, it only makes sense it has wheels.  Again, Keter didn’t cheap out with their wheels.  The wheels are solid and big, which makes rolling this box around very easy.  What is great about this box is the hideaway handle so it doesn’t get in the way when you don’t need it.  Okay that is all cool, but here is the really cool features of this box.

Keter Master Pro Sliding Tool ChestOn the top of the box, there is a turn knob you can use to open or lock your box.  When you open the box, the top splits into two different positions with two trays.  When you move the trays outward, you can access a large open area below to put your bigger tools.  What is nice is when you fully open the trays, you have full access, the trays completely move out of the way.  So you have 100% access to the bottom.

Now going back to the trays, these open and slide very smooth and that is because they are located on a metal ball bearing rail.  One of the trays has a see through cover with 6 removable bins inside.  4 bins are small and 2 are larger.  On the other tray, you can open the lid for full access.  This tray does have a removable divider.

All in all this box is extremely nice, you can even see all the people who have left positive feedback on Amazon.  I love how Keter designed this box and they pretty much thought of everything.  The one item I would have liked to see different is the locking feature.  When the box is in the closed position, it’s great because everything is locked and you don’t have to worry about the trays or lids opening.  However the actual mechanism that locks the box is a thick, heavy duty, spring loaded lock.  I would have liked to see this in metal.  I am sure the plastic lock will be just fine as it’s thick, but just a suggestion.  The handle for the lock is metal, so that is great.  If you need a reliable and tough mobile storage unit, I would highly recommend looking at the Keter Master Pro Sliding Tool Chest.

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  1. That dang tool chest is awesome! So cool how the top slides fully away from the bottom to allow full access. Very useful #TIACREW


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