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Husky Flashlight

Let’s face it, there are a ton of flashlights available on the market today.  You can buy anything from a $5 flashlight to a $500 flashlight and sometimes even higher.  So what flashlight is the best on the market?  Well that really depends upon what you will be using the flashlight for.  So I guess in the end, there really isn’t a “best” flashlight available. However each category has some nice flashlights to choose from.  So for today, we are just covering the stick flashlight.  Even in this area, you have a ton of options such as these Husky lights, Maglite, Streamlight and more.  So what is a great flashlight to invest in?  You need something that has a ton of light, is tough and won’t break the bank.  With that said, let me introduce you to the new Husky Flashlights.

If you are not familiar with Husky, it’s Home Depot’s house brand.  Husky is designed to get the job done for less.  So their goal is to create a quality product at a reasonable price.  So how do these husky Flashlights stack up?

Husky FlashlightWhen Husky designed these flashlights, they set out to design an extremely tough Flashlight that won’t break the bank.  They started with an Aluminium body and instead of an incandescent bulb, they went with an LED light.  An LED light gives you a more true white light than the traditional yellow light.  Not only do you get a better looking light, but you get a tougher light that won’t break on impact like an incandescent bulb will.  An LED light also is more efficient, so you get a longer run time.  Another plus is the heat.  With a LED light, you don’t get the heat build up that you get with an incandescent bulb.  So as far as bulbs go, Husky went with the top of the line type of lighting solution.  In regards to the body, Aluminium is not only strong, but is much lighter than steel, making this light lighter than the old style flashlights.  The aluminum body has a slit pattern, so it’s not smooth.  The pattern helps with grip, even with gloves.

Husky didn’t stop with the bulb and the body.  Next they designed the Husky Flashlight with an over-molded rubber on the front of the light and also on the rear of the light.  These are usually the two most common places a flashlight will hit when dropped on the ground.  So this offers another form of protection to the lights.  To turn the Husky Flashlights on, there is a recessed push button on the bottom of the flashlight.  There are three modes to each flashlight.  High, low and strobe.  If that isn’t enough, Husky didn’t stop there.  When they created these lights, they made them waterproof up to 1 meter which is about 3 feet.  So no worries if you are using these outside in the rain.

With all these options, this light is one tough light.  You can even see what we did with the lights to try and break them.  From what we tried, they hold up well under various conditions.  One item I like about these lights is the batteries are included.  They don’t just toss is some off brand battery, they are included with Energizer batteries, which are some of the best batteries around.

Currently the Husky Flashlight comes in five models.  The highest price you will pay for this type of flashlight is $35 and that is for the 1,000 lumen flashlight.  Not bad considering this flashlight should last you a lifetime. All the flashlights have 1 one LED except the 1,000 lumens has three LED lights.  Here is another piece of great news.  All five Husky Flashlights come with a lifetime warranty.

Husky Flashlight 1000 Lumens

Model – 99294

Price – $34.97

Battery Type – (3) D

Run Time – 13 Hours (low)

Distance – 380 Meters



Husky Flashlight 650 Lumens

Model – 99292

Price – $29.97

Battery Type – (3) D

Run Time – 14 Hours (low)

Distance – 350 Meters


Husky Flashlight 500 Lumens

Model – 99291

Price – $19.97

Battery Type – (3) C

Run Time – 12 Hours (low)

Distance – 320 Meters


Husky Flashlight 165 Lumens

Model – 99289

Price – $11.97

Battery Type – (3) AAA

Run Time – 3 Hours (low)

Distance – 140 Meters


Husky Flashlight 90 Lumens

Model – 99290

Price – $13.97

Battery Type – (2) AA

Run Time – 3 Hours (low)

Distance – 90 Meters




  1. I just spent $85 on the Olight s30r baton II and i would love to see how these lights compare. The Olight is designed for an EDC platform and not so much industry but its 1020 lumens at max output and is less than 4 inches long

  2. Mine wont work had it about a year its the 500 lumen 7′ model.Bought it from home depot i see that it has a lifetime warranty any advice on how to get it repaired. Thanks

  3. I have one of your flashlights and the button went out you said you have a lifetime warranty how do I go about getting it fixed or buying a new one from you guys thank you

  4. We really like your flashlights and were disappointed to learn that you no longer make the 3-D size / 1000 Lumens one. It outlasted any other flashlight we gave to our night security men and it was bright. It was heftier than most flashlights and the batteries in it (which were easier to purchase here than AAs) lasted longer. I tried to have it replaced but was told that I would only be getting a smaller variety instead. What a disappointment. Please reconsider that decision.


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