Subaru PKX220ST Semi-Trash 2″ Water Pump

subaru semi-trash pump

The job site is a dirty place and when it rains it is a wet place.  Since most job sites are just being built there is no drainage.  All it takes is one rain storm to ruin your day.  We recently were filming at a house under construction and a rain storm flooded the basement.  To clear the water quickly you need a semi-trash pump.  Semi-trash means that the pump can handle small amounts of debris getting sucked in without the risk of damaging the pump.

Subaru is known for making quality products and engines, the PKX220ST is no different.  It is designed to take the abuse of daily industrial use.  The 4.3 hp Subaru engine is one of the easiest starting and smoothest running engines that I have ever operated.  You can run this at idle while pumping and it doesn’t skip a beat.   It has the features that the pros want like a steel gas tank with strainer, a fuel shut off valve and low oil shutdown.  As you can see in the video it purrs like a kitten and at full throttle pumps 153 gallons per minute.  The unit can run 2.1 hours on .85 of a gallon of gas.

The unit weighs 58 lbs and is easily carried.  The pump has a self priming feature.  basically you just remove a cap and pour water into the pump until it starts pumping.  This would be my first choice of pumps, even over a Honda.  Subaru engines are proved well and have a proven track record of being reliable.  Check it out the PKX220ST via


  1. A bunch of people in the Detroit area could use one of the Subaru pumps today. It was insane how much rain we had yesterday. Every freeway was flooded out and closed.

  2. Can’t think of a reason to use one here in California but nice thing to have. Put one of those in a little minibike and see how it works.


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