Ryobi Chemical Sprayer Review

Ryobi Chemical Sprayer Review

Ryobi’s line of products goes beyond just power tools. If you are a homeowner, there really isn’t another brand that can complete with Ryobi. They make anything from power tools to garage door openers and everything in between.  That’s why when I was looking for a weed sprayer, I wasn’t surprised Ryobi offered one.  I have to admit, I am a sucker for Ryobi.  I have a lot of their products and love most of them.  They offer a great value.  So let’s check out our Ryobi Chemical sprayer review.

I am a nut about my yard.  I am always spraying stuff to kill weeds, stops insects and cleaning stuff.  I was tired of using those store bought pump sprayers where you had to constantly pump the trigger with your hand such as the Ortho Weed Killer.  So this is why I decided to try out the Ryobi sprayer.

Ryobi Chemical Sprayer Review – Features

Ryobi Chemical Sprayer Review

The Ryobi chemical sprayer runs off their 18V battery platform which means if you already own this platform, you don’t have to invest in new batteries and chargers.

Ryobi Chemical Sprayer Review

The tank holds 1 gallon of liquid and has measurements on the side if you don’t need the full gallon.

Ryobi Chemical Sprayer Review

The cap also acts as a measuring cup (4 oz.), which is a very cool feature.

Ryobi Chemical Sprayer Review

The nozzle is an adjustable nozzle where you can create a stream of a spray.  I have read others who stated theirs rusted out, but I haven’t had that problem.  Ryobi uses brass connections and the sprayer wand appears to be chrome.

Ryobi Chemical Sprayer Review – Use

The unit only weighs 4.5 lbs, so it’s not too bad, but you will have to figure out the extra weight from the chemicals you put in the tank.  The wand will fit into the handle so you can either use the sprayer with the wand in the handle or you can take it out of the handle and use it the traditional way.

Now I have to say I love the concept of this sprayer, but I feel it does need some work. While it’s very powerful, I would love to see some variable speed or something that slows down the flow of chemical.  I know I can adjust the sprayer head, but that doesn’t seem to work too well.  As I said earlier, I use Ortho weed-b-gone.  I can get a whole summer use out of one gallon.  When I transferred it into the Ryobi sprayer, I could only get my front yard done before I used a whole gallon.  I could get it to slow down, but it was only on mist mode.

Ryobi Chemical Sprayer Review

I would also like to see the pump shut off when not in use.  I know you can turn it off, but it does get to be a little annoying listening to it all the time when just walking away.  Not that it’s really loud, but something to point out.  However, if the pump turned off, then you would have to deal with a delay from once you pressed the trigger before it started spraying, so I guess I can’t complain about the pump being on all the time.

Ryobi Chemical Sprayer Review – Value

As with all other Ryobi tools, you get a great value for their products.  You can buy this from The Home Depot and it comes two ways.  You can get a bare tool which means no battery which is model P2800B.  You can also buy this with a battery and charger which is model P2810.  The P2800B runs about $50 and the P2810 runs about $80.

Ryobi Chemical Sprayer Review – Final Thoughts

Overall I like this sprayer.  I do feel it needs a little improvement to make this a top buy. However, there are a ton of applications where this would work great.  While I don’t use it much for weeds anymore, I use it for other chemicals such as deck cleaner, wheel cleaner, and concrete cleaner.  These applications require more product to be applied, so for those areas, it’s great.


  1. i have it and yes there are 3 things id like to see changed.
    1. the motor constantly on ( but i can sorta deal with it if it means there’s never a delay)
    2. yes it runs out of product fast it goes through that gallon very fast.
    3. maybe a larger container 2 gallon maybe.

  2. I have had nothing but trouble with this sprayer. I used the first one I had for part of a season, and it quit working. I took it back to Home Depot and they replaced it. This is the third time I’ve used it this Spring and it broke again. Same problem this time as last time. the motor is running but it just doesn’t spray. I’m going to take it back to Home Depot again and I hope they will just give me a refund. It works so well the first few times you use it. If it would keep working, it would be one of my favorite tools. but it’s just been frustrating.


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