Skilsaw Reciprocating Saw Review – SPT44A-00

Skilsaw Reciprocating Saw Review

Skilsaw is a manufacturer that has been around for decades.  In fact, they created the worm drive saw.  The worm drive is the saw that built America.  If you aren’t familiar with their story, Bosch recently sold them to a company called Chervon.  Chervon is the same company that builds Ego and other power tools.  Now that Chevron owns them, I think we are going to see huge leaps with the Skilsaw brand.  Knowing Chervon, I am guessing they will finally bring Skilsaw into the present day with cordless tools and more innovative products.  So with that said, let’s jump into the Skilsaw Reciprocating Saw Review.

Skilsaw Reciprocating Saw Review – Overview

A lot of people get Skil and Skilsaw confused and for good reasons.  As a quick note, Skil is designed for the homeowner while Skilsaw is designed for the professionals.  We have done a fair amount of reviews of Skilsaw and have been very impressed with them as a company and as a professional power tool.

Two products that have really stood out to us is the SkilSaw Worm Drive Table Saw and the Worm Drive Circular saw.  Great products and both based on the worm drive system. Today we are looking at something new from Skilsaw, a reciprocating saw which is great for demolition work.  While the reciprocating saw has been out for decades, this is Skilsaw’s first attempt at this type of saw.  Let’s jump into the features of this saw.

Skilsaw Reciprocating Saw Review – Features

While not the most powerful motor on the market, Skilsaw built this around an impressive 13 amp motor and the tool weighs in at 8.8lbs.

Skilsaw Reciprocating Saw Review

Skilsaw went with a D-Handle grip on the back of the saw to allow easier use at any angle.

Skilsaw Reciprocating Saw Review

The trigger is a variable speed trigger and is very easy to control and keep a consistent speed.

Skilsaw Reciprocating Saw Review

On the front of the tool, there is a nice rubber over-mold molded grip that not only protects the tool but allows the user to keep a comfortable grip.

Skilsaw Reciprocating Saw Review

The blade locking system is a traditional type of locking system and seems like it should hold up well when the tool gets in binding situations.  The tool has a 1-1/8″ stroke length with a 0-2800 spm.

Skilsaw Reciprocating Saw Review

While the shoe isn’t adjustable, it does pivot.

Skilsaw Reciprocating Saw Review – Performance

Skilsaw slams home the “Buzzkill” technology.  The technology is on the inside of the tool and this is where the magic happens.  Buzzkill technology is an easy way to say that the saw doesn’t have many vibrations.  So how is vibration compared to other like minded saws?

Skilsaw Reciprocating Saw Review

This is where the magic happens.  If you take this saw and put it against any other reciprocating saw you will notice the difference right away.  It’s amazing how little vibration and feedback you get in your hands.  I am not sure how they perform this magic, but it works like a charm.

With less vibration not only do you create less fatigue in your hands and arms, but it also means more energy is getting transferred to the work and making the cutting more efficient and faster.

Skilsaw Reciprocating Saw Review

This saw is fast, easy to control and it doesn’t make your hands numb after extended periods of use.

Skilsaw Reciprocating Saw Review – Value

The saw is expected to be priced at $99 which is in line with saws in its class.  While these inexpensive saws don’t offer a lot of features, they are used for high demanding work. Considering that this has the lowest vibration we have seen in a reciprocating saw, this is a great buy at $99.

Skilsaw Reciprocating Saw Review – Final Thoughts

Overall this saw is great.  Easy to control and love the vibration control.  With that said I would love to see a 15 amp saw with all the bells and whistles as an adjustable shoe, orbital selector and more.

Now that Chervon owns Skilsaw, I am really hoping to see more Skilsaw products released and also a line of cordless tools to keep up with the consumer demands.



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