Milwaukee M18 Hedge Trimmer 2726-21HD

Milwaukee Hedger

Ah, the hedge trimmer.  The hedge trimmer is like finish carpentry.  You can mow your grass, blow everything off the walks, but it’s not until you clean up your bushes do you really have the final touches on your lawn.  Well, Milwaukee is here to help with their new M18 hedge trimmer.  While I like all three of Milwaukee’s new OPE tools on the market, the Hedge trimmer is awesome.

Everything Milwaukee did with the design of this tool stands out.  First, is the grip.  If you look where you place both of your hands, it is designed like a chainsaw, which most hedgers are.  This grip style is great as it allows you maximum control of the tool.  The blade is 24″ long which means you can work quickly and get the job done.  For me, I love the tip guard.  Part of my house is brick and I have branches next to the brick.  With the blade guard, not only does it protect the blade, but it protects me from the blade hitting the wall and jumping back at me.

Milwaukee designed this with a brushless motor which means longer run time and more efficiency.  The tool uses a slider crank mechanism which is top of the line for durability and there is an all metal gear case to make it even stronger.  All of this will allow the tool to cut through 3/4″ branches, which is very impressive.

Milwaukee Hedger

I can say that it will go through 3/4″ branches without any problem.  While the unit is a little heavy, I love the fact I can use it with one hand to reach those high areas of the bushes.

Manufacturers tout how these cordless tools are great for the lawn professionals.  When it comes to blowers, I still think cordless has a long way to go.  However, with this hedger and the 9Ah battery, I think even the professionals are going to love this hedger.  You will get around two hours of run time.


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