Hilti TE DRS-6-A Dust Removal System

Hilti TE-DRS-6-A

As you know controlling dust on a job site is a job all by itself.  With new laws and regulations coming into play, it’s now more important than ever to control dust and dirt. We all know that concrete dust and other types of particles can play havoc on our bodies, in the long run, so we know it’s important to protect ourselves.  As you know Hilti is one of the top names in concrete tools so it only makes sense that they have a system to control concrete dust.

Hilti TE-DRS-6-A

When you are drilling holes you usually do it in one of three positions.  You are either drilling a hole in the ground, in the wall or on the ceiling, so you’re either bending over, standing upright or working over your head.  While a vacuum system is great for collecting concrete dust and debris, it doesn’t always make sense.  Sure if you are drilling holes in the ground, it’s no big deal to have a hose line running to the tool.  However, when you are drilling holes in the wall or overhead, that hose can cause more fatigue and just be a pain in the butt.  Not to mention a vacuum needs a power supply and won’t reach everywhere. This is where the Hilti TE DRS-6-A comes into play.

Hilti TE-DRS-6-AThe Hilti TE DRS-6-A is a perfect solution for collecting concrete dust and debris when drilling into walls or overhead applications.  See this accessory doesn’t need a hose and uses the existing power supply (the battery) as a source of power.  Pretty cool isn’t it?

The motor is built directly into the unit which means it is protected and very efficient.  While this is designed for a variety of Hilti tools, we used it on the Hilti TE 6-A36 rotary hammer.  The system is easy to attach to the rotary hammer, in fact, you can do it with one hand, plus you don’t need any tools.  As soon as you pull the trigger to start drilling, the suction will come on and stay on until you release the trigger for the rotary hammer.  I do wish it would stay on for a second or two after I release the trigger, just for a little extra clean up.  I have to say it does an awesome job at not only catching and cleaning the dust but also small pieces of concrete.  I love how easy the system is to set up for different size bits, plus the depth adjustment is very intuitive.

I think Hilti did an awesome job with the design and set up of this system.  Now more than ever we need to protect ourselves from airborne particles on the job site and this tool is awesome.  For those guys who are drilling above them such as sprinkler fitters and more, this is a must have for your tool arsenal.



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