Tools in Action Pranks


The goal of this post was to show some old vintage TIA videos, but some of them are really bad.  I didn’t want to bore you with some of the old stuff, so I tried to find some of the best of the worst.  I still couldn’t find any that were worth posting, so I decided to go with some of the pranks and fun videos.  Check them out.







  1. HAHA….the work bench is still the classic!! It was great to take a trip down memory lane and see how far you guys have come as far as sound/video quality but you still haven’t lost the comedy or the childishness that we have all come to expect and admire!! TIA forever!!

  2. Eric thanks for the trip to memory lane. These pranks were great all at the expense of Dan. I’m sure he has gotten you a few times, right? I don’t recall a video on it. What happen to the drill on top of his roof? I don’t think Dan ever found out till you told him. Laters TIA


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