Milwaukee Media Event


Today is the big day where Tools in Action joins Milwaukee Tools at the media event.  We have been going to this event over the past couple years and they always put on a great show.  Last year was cool because we had a chance to see everything they were releasing, up close and personal.  Plus, we could tell you about everything.  Today we are hoping this event is no different from the past. Stay tuned to Tools in Action and our social media channels as we will be showing off some of the tools we are seeing today.  So what did we see in the past?  Check out some of the videos below and see for yourself.




  1. So many awesome stuff announced, right angle impact and the toolbox im exciting to learn more about!!;) cant wait for ur videos guys

  2. working on my 7th tool from the M12 line! HD is having a good special on them right now where you can get an XC 4.0 free or a choice of right angle drill driver etc. if you purchase a kit…looking at the m-spector.

  3. Milwaukee really needs to come out with cordless nail guns. M18 framing nail gun and a M12 finish nailer. Now that would be AWESOME!!!


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