Paslode F350S – 50th Anniversary Edition



When you think of Paslode, you automatically think of cordless gas powered nailers because after all, they invented them. What you may not know is that they were pioneers in the pneumatic nailer market as well. Paslode started out in 1935 selling steel strapping for bundling materials, but it was in 1959 with the introduction of the first pneumatic tool, a light duty upholstery tacker, that they started developing into the company we know today. In 1964 Paslode introduced the “first commercially accepted pneumatic nailer”, called “The Gun-Nailer” and never looked back. Today there is hardly a framing crew in America that hasn’t used a Paslode framer at some point.

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of pneumatic framing, Paslode has released a special edition gun to commemorate the occasion. It’s not a completely new model though. Instead, Paslode has taken the proven F350S Powermaster Plus and gave it a fresh coat of their trademark orange paint and a cool 50th Anniversary logo.

Paslode back Paslode side 1


Time Tested

The F350S came out several years ago and earned a reputation for being a real workhorse on the job site. The company my father in-law worked for used them almost exclusively and when he branched out on his own, it was the first tool he bought. When you glance over the gun, it quickly becomes evident it’s built tough. Heavy duty slides, rafter hook, and tip components help it withstand job site abuse, while the on board wrench storage for adjustments, the ability to shoot either clipped or full head nails, and fit between 16″ rafters gives, it added versatility. There’s no question the F350S is a pro caliber gun.



 50th Anniversary Model

50th Anniversary Model
 Standard F350S

Standard F350S


Weight: 8.4lbs
Height: 13.3″
Speed: 12 nails per second                                                                                         Operation: Sequential or selectable operation                                                          Operating Pressure: 100 PSI Min. – 120 PSI Max.                                                                                      Nail Capacity: 2 strips (up to 84)                                                                                          Nail Range 2″-3.5″ in length, .113″ to .131″ shank diameters                                              Nail Angle: 30°                                                                                                                     Nail Type: Full or Clipped Head



As you would expect, the F350S performs like a professional framer should. It’s light, smooth firing, consistent, and reliable. The cleated tip allows you to securely place nails in corners or at angles without sliding around, and the cushioned grip provides all day comfort. The long magazine is angled as it goes down which seems to help balance the gun and with a capacity of up to 84 nails, there’s no need to reload constantly. Add in depth adjustment on the gun rather than having to fool with the air regulator, secure on board hex wrench storage, 360 degree rotating exhaust, and a locking metal rafter hook, and it’s easy to see why the F350S has stood the test of time.

Paslode tip



Again, this isn’t a new design. It’s a special edition of a time tested gun with a reputation for years of reliability. It’s arguably one of the most reliable framers ever produced, so it made perfect sense that Paslode selected this gun to celebrate their milestone. The only negative with the F350S is the fact that you have to swap out the trigger to use it in bump fire mode, but while we’re beginning to see framers with selector switches, this has historically been the normal procedure. It isn’t a big deal, and it takes less than 5 minutes to do, but with the spoils of technology it is a process that will soon be antiquated. In today’s market where cordless tools are all we seem to care about and the cordless nailer market gets more robust all the time, it’s easy to overlook pneumatic tools, but you can count on the F350S to get the job done for years to come.

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