Milwaukee 5.0 AH M18 Battery and New RapidCharge are Coming.


Milwaukee showed off their new 5.0 Ah battery yesterday.  It will give 2.5X more runtime and 20% more power.  In this case the battery is more than just about runtime and power.  They showed off the inside of the pack and some new shock proof features giving twice the life of the pack.  One thing that they did is make the pack more water resistant.  They did this by design and using a chemical that makes the electronics less impervious to water.  Kind of like Never Wet or Liquipel the spray that you can get for your electronic devices to keep them waterproof.  They don’t claim the batteries to be waterproof, but it is a huge help in damp conditions.

They also announced what I like to call the Super Charger.  It holds 3 M18 and 3 M12 batteries.  If my memory serves me correctly it can charge 3 at a time at a super fast rate.  We will have more on the RapidCharge charger soon.  I should have taken better notes!

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