Ego 56-Volt Electric Cordless Chainsaw


If you are familiar with Ego outdoor equipment, you probably already know about their new chainsaw.  However for those of you who haven’t heard of them or haven’t taken the leap of faith, you might want to listen up.  Well first I guess I should back up in case you haven’t heard of them.  If you have visited a Home Depot lately, I am sure you have seen their end cap display.  If not, you have to take time and look next time you visit a store.  Ego has a line of 56V outdoor power tools that have been rocking the lawn and garden arenas this year.  I know what you’re thinking, “Eric how can you be so confident in these tools?”  First, I have never been a believer in battery powered lawnmowers, trimmers, blowers and hedgers.  Come on who the heck would trust a battery powered outdoor tool over a gas tool?  I am a huge fan of gas power tools, except for the noise, the mess, changing the spark plug, buying gas, etc.  At the beginning of this summer I had a chance to try the Ego system and I can tell you first hand they have changed my mind.

Now Ego took it one step further with a 56v chainsaw, yes a battery operated chainsaw.  Three words that come to my mind about this chainsaw is, this thing rocks.  Now I am not going to say you will cut down a forest with this saw, well you could, but you would be charging a heck of a lot of batteries along the way. However, I will tell you for someone like me who doesn’t use a chainsaw for a living, this is a must have tool.  I pull my saw out three to four times per year.  After a storm or at the beginning of fall for my firewood is the only time I use a saw. Instead of trying to start a saw that has been sitting around, I can now just put a battery in the saw and start cutting.  Yes, you will be able to get ample work done with this saw. I know I am sounding like a sales guy right now, but it just because I like this saw that much.  In fact, I have been using the Ego platform this whole summer as my main mower, weed whip, hedger and blower and none of them have let me down.  In fact, they have done something for me that I have never been able to accomplish and that is having my wife mow the lawn.  Come on how cool is that? Thank you Ego.  Now if they could only get something designed to clean the inside of my truck.

  • Hi-efficiency brushless motor
  • 6300 RPM’s
  • 14 in. Oregon bar and chain
  • Chain kickback break for added safety and control
  • Chain tensioning knob
  • Oil inspection window
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • 5 year limited warranty


  1. Eric notice in the article that you said that the Ego chainsaw has a 24inch Oregon bar and chain. It really only has a 14 inch.

  2. Eric is now living everyman dream that his wife can mow the lawn now 🙂 The other thing is it has to be age appropriate but I think a 13/14 year old child sure be able to use the ego lawnmower. They have enough safety features now on even gas mowers I’m not sure how people still injure themselves. My experience with the EGO Leaf blower and Hedge trimmer have been great.

  3. Hopefully you guys get to do a review on the greenworks 40 volt 16 inch brushless chainsaw. From what I’ve seen the greenworks looks like it has more power. Would be great to find out how they match up between one another.


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