SKIL 40V Chainsaw

Skil 40V Chainsaw

As a homeowner and looking to get into an Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) line, you might not think of a chain saw as a necessary addition.  In fact, when I moved to a battery OPE, I thought I would never need a chainsaw since I only have one tree in my yard.  However, I was wrong and use a chain saw every fall and it’s a very important part of my OPE collection.  Today we are looking at the SKIL 40V chainsaw.

SKIL 40V Chainsaw Overview

SKIL might be a name you are familiar with but maybe not their OPE line.  In fact, you might be asking yourself, don’t they just make power tools and what business do they have going into the OPE world?  Well, there is an interesting story and one I would suggest you read about SKIL Outdoor Power Equipment.

I will sum it up in case you don’t have time to read but SKIL is now owned by Chervon, the makers of EGO.  EGO is a leader in the OPE world.  So yes, SKIL has the experience and know-how behind the name to make this a successful brand.

In fact, out of all the OPE tools we have tried from SKIL so far, they are much better than what we even thought for a homeowner brand.  The build quality and power both are top-notch.

SKIL 40V Chainsaw Features

The saw is built around a digital brushless motor which means the tool is efficient.  When you have an efficient power tool, you get longer run times, longer life and more cuts per charge.

As a safety note, the saw features an anti-kick brake. So when the saw senses or a kick back occurs, the saw will cut the power to protect the user.  This is one of the coolest features of the saw.

The saw weighs in at 7.83 lbs and has a length of 31″ with a width of 9″.

The saw is powered by a SKIL 40V battery which has some cool technology.  Each cell is wrapped with a cooling material.  Heat kills battery cells, so if you can keep the cells cooler, longer, then not only do you get longer run times per charge but the battery life will last longer.

Another cool feature is the 15 minute charge time.  Say you are almost done with a project but need a little more juice for the job.  Just drop the battery in the charger and in 15 minutes, the battery will have a 30% charge.

Skil 40V Chainsaw

The battery is on the back of the tool which helps with the balance and it is inserted from the side which makes it easy to access.

Skil 40V Chainsaw

The handle has a rubber over-mold grip for comfort.

Skil 40V Chainsaw

On the side of the saw is where you can add chain oil, plus there is an easy view area to see the level of the oil.  The saw has an auto-lubricating system that automatically adds oil to the chain.

Skil 40V Chainsaw

The tool features a 14″ bar which makes this a perfect saw for around the house and yard.

Skil 40V Chainsaw

As with other chainsaws it has a large handle in the front with easy access to the brake.

Skil 40V Chainsaw

On the side, the saw features a tool-less chain tension adjustment.  Simple and easy.

SKIL 40V Chainsaw Performance

As a homeowner you are not cutting everyday.  In fact, you may only cut a couple times a year and that is when branches fall after a storm.  For me, I only have one tree on my property so I am not doing a ton of clean up after storms.

However, I get a ton of use from my saws in the fall.  I have a wood-burning stove and always get around 4 cords of wood for the winter-time, which is about 900 pieces of wood.  I always have about 50 or more pieces a year that are too long for my stove or were not split correctly so I am always cutting hardwood in the fall.

While it isn’t fall, I have some wood leftover and had a chance to try it out in the conditions I am familiar with.  All I can say is that I am impressed how quickly the saw cuts.  Yes, it’s a new sharp chain but so are my other saws.  For me, this is a great compact saw for my needs.  I don’t need a long bar as it ends up getting in the way.  Great saw, fast cuts and a great build.

SKIL 40V Chainsaw Wrap Up

Overall I am extremely impressed by this saw.  Not only is the power great but I feel the build quality is more than what I would expect in a homeowner tool.  Anyone looking for a quality saw, I think this is a great saw to own.  Not only this saw but the other OPE tools we have tested from SKIL have been far better than what we would have expected from a homeowner tool.

SKIL 40V Chainsaw available on Amazon


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