Makita Impact XPS Accessories

Makita Impact XPS Accessories

Makita has one of the largest 18V lines of cordless power tools.  But did you also know they are one of the leaders in power tool accessories, especially bits?  Let’s face it, you can have the most powerful, fastest and best power tool on the market but if your bits can’t keep up with it, what good is the power tool?  So let’s take a little time and talk about the Makita Impact XPS Accessories.

Makita Impact XPS Overview

As you know, cordless power tools are getting stronger and stronger.  One of the biggest downfalls to powerful tools is that bits can not keep up with the more powerful tools.  So manufacturers are always trying to create a new bit that will not only outlast and perform but won’t break the bank, which brings me to the Makita Impact XPS bits.

The Makita line of Impact XPS bits is the newest bits from Makita. They are designed to work in conjunction with the high-torque demands of professionals and their professional tools. In fact, they are designed to last up to 90 times longer than standard bits.

Makita designed these bits to be an exact fit.  They are machine bit tips to fit fasteners with minimal variance. They are engineered with pulse torsion rings which distribute force and prevents breakage.  On top of all that, they are designed with a unique blend of steel.   The Carbon alloy steel flexes under high demand use and makes the bits last longer.

Makita Impact XPS Accessories Bit Set

Makita offers three different kits that come in a hard plastic case.  The case securely locks and the bits stay in place.  For me, one of the best features is how secure the bits stay n the holder but they are not impossible to take out as I have seen with other bit cases.

Another advantage of this kit is you can either take a row out if needed or you can change the layout of the case as each row is removable.

You can buy either a 60 piece, 45 piece or 35 piece kit.

Makita Impact XPS Socket Sets

Not to leave anything behind, Makita also has a couple of different options with the Impact XPS sockets.  They offer four different configurations.  I like how the set comes with the adapter and how easy it is to get the sockets in and out.  While I love the 6 point sockets and the walls are thick, I do wish the sizes were easier to read. Yes, it’s etched into the socket but having a background color to easily identify the size would make life a little easier.

The sockets have a black oxide finish and heat-treated alloy steel which is great for high torque applications.

Makita Impact XPS Power Bits

Makita offers a wide range of power bits in 2 packs, 3 packs, 10 Packs, 15 packs, and 25 packs.

As you can see with the bits, they have a torque zone that allows the bit to flex instead of just snapping.

Makita Impact XPS Nutsetters

A good nutsetter is always good to have on hand.  This set comes with the common sizes, 1/4″, 5/16″ and 3/8″ in which all three are magnetic.

Makita Impact XPS Wrap Up

As we stated above, this is not a review but rather an introduction to the Makita Impact XPS bits.  Follow us on Instagram as we will be using these around the shop and my house addition.  Considering what we have seen from Makita in the past, we have full confidence these bits will perform in the long run.  We love the Gold bits and other power tool accessories.  So if you are looking for impact bits, this would be a good line to look into.  If you have tried these, please leave a comment below.


  1. Bits seem to be the same episode of a show, permanently stuck on repeat. Every new release, from every brand, says literally the exact same thing; “Fits better!” “Flexes because of this long part that looks funny!” “Stronger metal!” “Our best ever!” It’s hard to do anything but yawn every year or two when they all “‘revolutionize’ whatever their premium bits are, and the difference is often negligible. There’s enough folks claiming that every single bit is the best they’ve ever had, and just as many claiming that every kind of bit has personally been worthless to them. Only thing that comes to my mind with the new releases, is that they’re basically admitting that their previous bits apparently weren’t the perfect fit, and super strong, or flexed just enough on just the right spot.


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