5 Tools for Every Homeowner

5 Tools for Every Homeowner

So you bought a house or you are looking for a house warming gift for your child or friend and you are asking what should I get?  If you own a house, you know how many things come up every month where you need just the right tool for the job.  Whether it’s your spouse asking you to hang a picture or you are fixing a toilet, either way, you need to have tools for the house. So what tools do you need?

That is a question we run into.  We get emails and other people asking us what tools do we recommend for a new homeowner.  I have to admit, it’s tough limiting to only 5 tools.  For me, it would be much easier going with a top 10 list but we do know people are on a budget and especially if it’s a house warming gift, you want to buy something useful but don’t want to deplete your kid’s college funds.

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So what are the 5 Tools for Every Homeowner?  Let’s check it out as here is our list.

1Cordless Drill

First on the list is a cordless drill.  This is a no brainer as you will be using this from anything to drilling a hole in the wall to assembling furniture.  A cordless drill is a must-have.  The only question you have to decide is what size and what manufacturer.

For a homeowner, you can go into either a good 12V or 18V platform.  Nowadays, 12V are extremely powerful and can handle a wide variety of tasks.  You just have to decide how many tasks and what extreme will you be working around the house.  Will, you just be hanging frames or will you be getting into building raised gardens and fixing major items around the house?

The next question is the brand.  What brand do you want to invest in?  Two things to consider are what other tools will you be investing in down the road and does that brand offer those tools?  The next question is what quality do you want. Obviously the higher quality, the more you will pay.  If you are using tools every weekend, you might want to make that investment.  If you will be using it a couple of times a year, do you really want that money just sitting on a shelf?

2Cordless Impact Driver

This was a tough one to include because I wasn’t sure if I should exclude this and add a circular saw or have this one.  I decided to go with this because it seems like we have seen more homeowners working with impacts rather than with circular saws.  By all means, if you want a saw and are on a tight budget, you can replace this or the drill with a saw and always use your drill for fastening applications.

An impact driver is great to have around now because think of how many fasteners you have.  Your furniture, cabinets and the list goes on.  Nothing does a better job at working with fasteners than an Impact Driver.


A must-have tool for any homeowner.  There are two fasteners in a home, screws, and nails.  Not only will a hammer help with nails but it will also act as a pry tool and demo tool.  You don’t have to get anything fancy but I would suggest getting a hammer with a large face.

4Tape Measure

A tape measure is another must-have tool.  Sure you can buy a Laser Distance Measurer but a tape is cheaper and sometimes you aren’t always working with larger measuring areas.  There are plenty of tapes to choose from.  I would suggest getting one that is wider as they are easier to work with and have a longer stand out.

5Hand Tool Set

Hand tools are probably one of the most used tools in the home.  Buy a nice kit that offers sockets, bits, screwdrivers and other smaller hand tools.  I can’t tell you how many times I use this for my kid’s bikes, the toys and other items around the house.  The one thing I learned about these sets, is don’t buy a junk set because it’s cheap.  Look for a good quality set.  You don’t have to pay a lot because they are always on sale around the 4th of July, Christmas and other times throughout the year.  Husky and Kobalt both make a great set that is high quality but won’t break the bank because you are not paying for a brand name.

Wrap Up

There are a lot of tools that we didn’t include because this is just a top 5 list.  Now if you really are on a tight budget, you might want to forget the impact driver and replace it with a good circular saw if you will be working around the house.  Again, this list is a general list to get you started.  Only you know what projects you will be tackling around the house so your list might include something different.

The main point is to get some tools that you will be using but only get what you need.  Don’t go overboard and try to buy everything and waste money.  Also, go with the quality you want.  Do you really want to invest in professional quality when you are using it a couple of times a year?  On the other hand, do you really want to have a lesser quality when you are using tools every weekend?  I am sure the answer is no, so make sure you do a little research before you just go out and buy whatever is on sale.


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