Skil Outdoor Power Equipment

Skil Outdoor Power Equipment

Outdoor power equipment has come a long way over the years.  One of the leaders in this market was a company called Ego.  Ego was a new company to market and not many people gave them a chance.  Well here were are 6 years later and everyone is trying to catch up to them.  They are considered the leader of the pack.  They have a high build quality, great cut quality, great bagging and the best battery platform in the market.  So why am I telling you all about this when we are talking about Skil Outdoor Power Equipment?

Who is Skil Outdoor Power Equipment

The reason I am talking about Ego is that they are owned by a company called Chervon.  Chervon has been around for a long time making power tools for big brand names.  A while back they wanted to have something with their own name and came out with the Ego line, which we know leads the way.

Back in 2019, Chervon bought Skil, which means what you know about Skil, throw out the window because now that Chervon owns them, you know they are going to take this brand to the next level.

Chervon has the experience and know-how in OPE and battery technology so when you think of Skil, don’t think of a new brand or just a redesigned name.  Instead, look at the company behind Skil and what they have done and the quality they have put out.

So for me, I am getting years of experience, proven technology, and a great tool but at a cost, I can afford.

Skil Outdoor Power Equipment Battery Platform

As I noted, Chervon knows batteries.  In fact, we had a chance to visit where they make these batteries first hand.  We saw the technology that goes into their batteries and how they didn’t cut corners.  So yes, when it comes to the Skil battery, it’s a battery I trust.

The Skil line is powered off a 40V battery which is plenty of power for the homeowner and OPE tools.

As you can see the battery has vents to help dissipate heat which will ruin a battery.  The battery is also flatter than most which means the batteries are laid out longer and not sandwiched in between each other, which again prolongs the life of the cells.

Skil Outdoor Power Equipment Tools

Currently Skil offers a blower, hedger and chain saw.  They will be coming out with a mower and string trimmer shortly.

For me, I am impressed by them.  They are powerful for a homeowner brand and won’t break the bank.  I have been using them and will have a review of each tool in more detail over the next week or two.

My biggest take away so far, is the power.  I was surprised how well the chainsaw cut and how easily it cut.  I was surprised how smooth and powerful the hedger was.  The blower is great but what I love the most was the design.  I like how the fan is protected so it’s not trying to suck my short or pants in.  The blower is in the back instead of the side.

Skil Outdoor Power Equipment Our Thought

I have had a chance to use these three tools and I am very impressed with them especially the chain saw.  I will be reviewing each one over the next week or two so you can see them first hand.  Today is more to talk about the company and for you to have a way to get to know the new Skil company.

As Skil expands this line with mowers, string trimmers and more, it’s an easy decision to jump into the line. Knowing how Chervon operates, they don’t just try and release everything to just release it.  They take their time, they test tools over long periods and when they feel they have a solid product, then they will launch it.  To me this says a lot.  It’s not about just taking my money, it’s about providing a quality product to the end user.

For a homeowner looking for a solid brand and one that will last, plus will come out with more options for this line, it’s a great line to jump in and not have to pay a fortune to get all the necessary OPE tools for your yard.

To learn more about Skil OPE, Check out the Skil Website


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