Sharp Pog – Oscillating Blade Sharpener Review

Sharp Pog

The oscillating tool is probably one of the most underrated tools on the market.  When I was remodeling my house, while it wasn’t my most used tool, it was a tool that when needed, saved me time and aggravation.  However, one thing that did aggravate me was how many blades I would rip through on a project.  There is a tool out there called the Sharp Pog that claims to help give life to old oscillating blades and saves you money and time.  So considering how many blades I went through, I knew this was something I wanted to try for myself.

Oscillating Tool

The oscillating tool was developed by a company called Fein in 1967.  The tool was designed to remove plaster casts without cutting the patient.  The main idea behind the tool is that the blade oscillates back and forth instead of a blade that rotates, therefore safer for the patient.

If you’re wondering what the difference is between an oscillating tool and a multitool, you are not alone.  The bottom line, there isn’t a difference.  Multitool came into play because this tool can perform a variety of different tasks, hence multitool.

Don’t quote me on this but I would guess that when the tool first came out, it was called the oscillating tool.  Then when the marketing department picked it up as a project to sell to the consumer, they probably labeled it the multitool to help show the variety of tasks this can do.

Fein’s patent expired in 2008 so this expensive tool now became cheaper as companies like Bosch, Milwaukee, and more designed their own versions in both corded and cordless.   However, in today’s world, we see a lot more cordless versions, not that battery technology has evolved and allowed these tools to increase their run times.

Oscillating Tool Blades

While there are a lot of different manufacturers in the marketplace, an oscillating tool is only as good as its blade.  Even the best multitool will not be able to perform its task if the blade is dull.  Also not only will a dull blade not be able to perform the task but a dull blade will put more stress on your multitool and can cause it to die or wear out prematurely.

If you are not familiar with oscillating blades, you can pay anywhere from $.50 per blade all the way up to $7 per blade.

The problem with oscillating tool blades is twofold.  First, they tend to wear out quickly, especially if you are doing a demanding job.  Not only can they wear out from use, but if you are removing wood or other materials and you hit a nail, say good by to the teeth on the blade.

The second problem is the cost.  Oscillating blades are not cheap.  Yes, they do sell cheap oscillating blades on Amazon but what good is that when they wear out quickly?  In the end, you can be spending the same amount of money because you go through them quickly.

Here is a story that is all too often told.  Someone gets a new oscillating blade, they start their work, and wham, they hit a nail.  Say good buy to five bucks quickly.  That is frustrating, you might as well just open your window and throw out your money.  Speaking of that, if you are going to throw money out of the window, let me know and I can send you my address.

So we know oscillating blades are important to help your job get done quicker and easier. We know a sharp blade doesn’t put as must stress on your tools. We know that quality oscillating blades cost a lot.  And we also know that using an oscillating blade can be a gamble because it can get destroyed easily.

So what is the solution?

Sharp Pog

There is a company that claims that they have the solution.  So now you can buy cheap(er) blades and resharpen them.  Or you can use your expensive blades and don’t have to worry about hitting a nail and destroying them.

Sharp Pog

Here is one of those inventions that are so necessary, you think, why didn’t I think of that?  The Shapr Pog is a bunch of grinding wheels put together on a shaft that will sharpen your old, damaged, or worn-out oscillating tool.

The idea behind this tool is the Sharp Pog is attached to a drill that spins the Sharp Pog.  As the Sharp Pog spins, it grinds the oscillating blade down and creates new teeth.  As a note, this will not work with carbide blades

Sounds simple and easy but how does it perform?

Sharp Pog Performance

Sharp Pog

We ended up going on Amazon and buying some cheap oscillating blades.  We then attached it to the multitool and ground down the teeth by running the blade over concrete.  This is what it looks like in about 20 seconds.

Sharp Pog

Now comes the Sharp Pog test, how would this work?  When sharpening a blade, we found it easy to sharpen the blade using the Sharp Pog by leaving the blade on the multitool, just make sure you take the battery off the tool for safety.

All we can say is it’s easy as slicing bread.  The Sharp Pog quickly and easily brought the cheap blade back to life.

Sharp Pog

After about 30 seconds, this is what our blade looked like.  Back to new and ready for some more work.

Sharp Pog

We cut a notch out of a 2×4 and couldn’t tell the difference between the new blade and a blade that was resharpened with the Sharp Pog.  Both cut through the wood with the same effort and same time.

So to sum it up, the Sharp Pog really works and is easy to use.

Sharp Pog Value

So how much does this cost?  You can pick this up on Amazon for $44.95.  Personally, this is a steal.  Think about how many times you can resharpen a blade, they are no longer just a once-and-done.  If you hit a nail, they wear out or get damaged, no worries.  In 30 seconds, I have a brand new blade.  So for $44.95, I save time, and money in the long run, less frustration, and a better end result, it’s worth every penny.

The Wrap Up

The bottom line, the Sharp Pog is the real deal.  This is such a great invention and should be in every tradesman and homeowner’s toolbox.  We know how expensive oscillating blades can be and also how quickly they wear out.  The Sharp Pog will save you money, time, and make your job easier.


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