Spyder Diamond Accessories

Spyder Diamond Accessories

Spyder is a brand I am familiar with but not a brand I have had a lot of experience with.  In fact, I haven’t had too many people even bring up their name.  Even when I bring it up, it’s not a name most people know.  However, I did want to let you know about two products they have in their line up which are part of the Spyder Diamond Accessory line.

If you are not familiar with Spyder, they make a variety of power tool accessories like bits, blades, and more.

Spyder Diamond – Hole Saw Bits

  • Name – Spyder 3/4-in Diamond Arbored Hole Saw
  • Model – 600852
  • Price – $29.98
  • Where to BuyLowes

Spyder Diamond  – Features

  • Variety of sizes
  • 20x more holes than standard diamond hole saws
  • 10x faster than standard glass and tile saws
  • Wet or Dry use
  • Boron coated
  • Oversized core removal

Spyder Diamond – Cutting Blade

  • Name – Spyder 4-1/2-in Wet/Dry Turbo Diamond Saw Blade
  • Model -14116
  • Price – $39.98
  • Where to BuyLowes

Spyder Diamond  – Features

Spyder Diamond Accessories

  • Good for general cutting in masonry, brick, block, and concrete
  • Matrix bond retains diamond abrasive for extended cutting life
  • Wet or dry use

Spyder Diamond – Wrap Up

As I noted, I don’t have a lot of experience with Spyder. But as far as the few pieces I’ve used I’ve been impressed. And I do know they have a large line of products (80+ pcs. last time I checked) at Lowe’s. I did not do an extensive performance test with these two products so I won’t speak to their longevity or even if they are worth the price.  But I know it’s a company that has some experience in this space and from some people I have talked with, they seem like a decent brand.  Considering Lowes carries this brand, and they average 4.7+ stars in the Lowe’s customer reviews, I’d say they are worth a try.


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