Q-Bit Gang Box Oscillating Tool Attachment

Gang Box Oscillating Tool Attachment

When you want to cut a gang box into a wall what do you use?  Probably either a rotary tool, reciprocating saw, or a jab saw.  Well if you are looking to cut single gang box openings for plastic gang boxes, there is a cool attachment on the market, the Q-Bit.

The Q-Bit is an attachment that works with your 18V oscillating tool to cut through drywall.  The tool works fast, makes a perfect square, and doesn’t create a ton of dust.

This tool is perfect for high and low voltages, electricians, telephone, data, alarm, security, camera installers, and more.

Q-Bit Gang Box Information

  • Name – Q-Bit Power Oscillating Blade Saw for Gang Box
  • Model – SQ1000-S
  • Price – $45
  • Where to BuyAmazon

Q-Bit Gang Box Features

Here are a couple of the features of this accessory:

  • Designed to cut single gang boxes for plastic gang boxes
  • Will only work with an 18/20V oscillating tool
  • Will not cut wire
  • Made in the USA
  • Stainless steel construction

Q-Bit Gang Box Impressions

I could sit here and tell you how much I like this saw and what I don’t but it’s always more fun to watch a video instead.  If you want a good laugh, watch it at half speed.

Q-Bit Gang Box Wrap Up

I think this is a pretty cool invention.  If you are looking to cut boxes out quickly and don’t want all the dust you get with a rotary tool, this is a great accessory to have around.

How to Sharpen Oscillating Blades

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