Skil 12V Jigsaw

Skil Jig Saw

While the first jigsaw dates back to the 19th century, the modern jigsaw is a little newer with its beginning dating back to 1947.  Since then, the jigsaw has gone through many changes such as introducing orbital action, bevel cuts, dust collection and even cutting the cord.  Today we are going to go over one of the newer models available on the market, the Skil 12V jigsaw.

Skil 12V Jigsaw Overview

A jigsaw is an extremely useful tool to make irregular cuts.  This type of saw is fast, easy to control, and is extremely useful for a wide variety of applications.

While Skil has been around for a while, it was recently bought out by Chervon which owns Ego.  The reason I am talking about this is that Ego has some of the best battery technology in the marketplace.  This battery technology has now gone into the Skil line of tools which we will talk about shortly.

Skil 12V Jigsaw Features

Skil Jig Saw

The Skil Jigsaw, model JS5833A-10, is designed around a brushless motor which helps increase run time.

Skil Jig Saw

This jigsaw comes with the tool, a 2Ah battery, a charger, and a blade.

The saw is powered by a 12V battery that features PWRASSIST which has a USB port for mobile device charging. Another great feature of this system is that the battery can charge from 0-25% in 5 minutes.  So if you need to make that final cut and are out of juice, just give it 5 minutes and you ready to finish the project.

Skil Jig Saw

On the side of the tool, there is a slide switch to turn on and off the power.  Just below the power switch, there is a lever to adjust the orbital action.

On top of the jigsaw, you can adjust the dial to change the speed of the saw. You can select between 5 different speeds or use the autodetect which will optimize the cut for the type of wood.

Skil Jig Saw

To insert or remove a blade, just pull back on the chuck and insert the blade.  The saw will use both T or U shank blades.

On the bottom, a user can access the nut to adjust the bevel up to 45º.  The hex wrench is stored on the side.

Skil 12V Jigsaw Performance

All in all, the saw performed like a champ.  We cut a wide variety of different plywood to try out this tool.  Each time, it performed great.  We could easily control the saw for more precise cuts and it was also powerful enough to cut through 3/4″ plywood.

The run time was great, the saw is easy to maneuver and we really have nothing to complain about with this saw.

Skil 12V Jigsaw Value

You can pick this saw up on Amazon for about $130.  All in all, that’s not a bad price considering you get the tool, a battery, and a charger.

Skil 12V Jigsaw Wrap Up

If you are a homeowner looking for a good tool with a great value, the Skil is one to consider.  The run time is great for a 12V, the saw is powerful and it’s easy to control.


  1. This information about the battery in Skil now is very good to know. Any cordless tool needs a good battery and fast charging time.


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