Hilti EXO-S

Hilti EXO-S

Hilti is known for a lot of things, and innovation is definitely one of them.  Today we are going to talk about the Hilti EXO-S shoulder exoskeleton which brings next-level innovation to the job site.  A job site can be demanding, especially when you are working in awkward positions for long periods of time.  Take working overhead such as installing drywall, painting ceilings, installing pipe, drop ceilings, and a whole host of other tasks.  Over long periods of time, our arms, shoulders, and bodies get tired.  When we are tired, our work production goes down and the injury rate goes up. The Hilti EXO-S shoulder exoskeleton helps with that problem.

Hilti EXO-S Overview

Hilti designed a “passive”  shoulder exoskeleton called the EXO-S which assists with tasks requiring working overhead.  What this system does is help provide support and keep you in proper alignment as you work. The EXO-S is designed to be lightweight, easy to take on and off, and provide a natural movement experience, all while aiding the worker so they are less fatigued, which then leads to better work and fewer injuries.

Hilti EXO-S Features

Hilti EXO-S

The Hilti EXO-S is lightweight and only weighs about 5 lbs.

As the user lifts their arms or has their arms overhead, the EXO-S helps reduce the weight.  The side cover also helps protect parts of the system.

Hilti EXO-S

As you can see there is a ball pivot joint to help aid in the natural movement.  This also makes the movement extremely smooth.

There are so many ways to easily adjust the EXO-S so it is a comfortable fit for the user.  So if you are smaller or larger, it doesn’t matter as you can get a comfortable fit.

The waistband and shoulder straps also offer padding to make it comfortable, even for long days.

Hilti EXO-S Performance

Performance is something we really can not show but take our word for it, the HIlti EXO-S does a great job of making overhead work easier and less stressful on you and your body.  The arms assist you and truly make working above much easier.  Best of all, it’s easy to adjust the size and even easier to put on and take off.

Setting up the system to give the user a great fit is easy.  Plus best of all, this actually assists the worker and doesn’t get in the way when working.  What I mean by getting in the way, is there is nothing really hanging off to get caught on anything and it’s not bulky, making it harder to work in tight spaces.

We found this system to be lightweight and we were amazed at the natural movement.  As we moved in any direction, the EXO-S assisted us.

Hilti EXO-S Value

The Hilti EXO-S retails for $1,399. So is this a lot of money?  Personally, I think this is a bargain.  Yes, $1,399 is a big upfront cost especially if you need multiple units for your crew.  However in the long run I think you get two things.  The first is safety.  When you are not as tired, accidents tend to not happen as much.  Plus you don’t get long-term injuries from muscle and joint fatigue.  Second is increased productivity. If someone isn’t as tired, they can get more work done.  Not only is more work getting done, but you are getting a better quality of work.  So in the end, I can easily justify the upfront cost and think this is a great deal.

Hilti EXO-S Wrap Up

Leave it to Hilti to find an innovative way to protect the worker.  Hilti is always thinking about different ways to keep the job site safer and more efficient.  With the Hilti EXO-S, I think they created a unique solution for a challenge that is as old as the job site; make the job site as safe and productive as possible.


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