SENCO RoofPro 445XP Coil Nailer


As you know Senco has been around for a long time.  They make great products and reliable nailers.  This time Senco put out a new roofing nailer, the Senco RoofPro 445XP coil nailer.  This nailer is designed for production and durability.  So what is so special about this nailer?

There are a lot of new and cool features with this nailer.  First, it has an innovative firing valve which means less air consumption.  It also has less moving parts, which we all know means less stuff to break.  That’s always a good thing.  There are more innovative features of this tool, but I won’t bore you with stats.  You can check out the nailer on Senco’s page or the video below.

Stay tuned, I need to put a new roof on my house and we will show this in action.



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