RYOBI P742 18V Mini AM/FM Bluetooth Radio

Ryobi has been coming out with more and more tools to add to their already massive 18V platform.  This time it’s the Ryobi 18V mini AM/FM Bluetooth radio.  I have to say I am digging the fact that these manufacturers are coming out with small radios.  It’s nice to be able to listen to tunes while you’re working, but not having to carry around a large radio. Don’t get me wrong, I love the large radios when I want to jam music loud, but sometimes you don’t want that loud music.  Sometimes, you just want a little background noise.

I am not going to say the Ryobi radio is the best we have heard because it’s not.  The sound is good, but not great.  The reception is good, but not great.  However if you have the Ryobi line up, this is a good addition.  It has both AM/FM radio, plus the ability to snyc with your phone and listen to your own music.  Bottom line, if you are looking for the one perfect small radio, this isn’t it.  If you love Ryobi and want to add to your line up, for the price, it’s a nice addition.



  1. I really like the size of this thing and the fact that they included the radio..
    now if we could just put some Bose guts in it to up the sound and reception quality and make it a Makita so I could use it with my batteries it would be my dream Bluetooth radio!
    sounds like a long shot but I can dream!!

  2. A month ago I saw a coworker’s in the back of his truck & got jealous. Been sold out every where I went! Finally got my hands on one! Darned if they don’t listen to suggestions- mentioned to them I didn’t like the clock reverting to the station after a few seconds & now the clock display stays put! Nice! Love the USB charger, aux input port (BYO cable- when the original cord gets damaged it becomes useless) & look forward to trying the bluetooth connection. The elastic ‘belt’ for holding the aux player has been replaced with a small bungee & doesn’t get in the way of the controls or display. All other features are the same & for $10 more than its debut price, it’s still a bargain compared to the big jobsite radios I’ve seen (& if I were in one place long enough, I MIGHT care about stereo sound but I don’t. Who does?). Only ‘fix’ I can come up with is bigger buttons would make more room for bigger text. Thanks Ryobi!

  3. I’ve had 2 of these radios and the reception is on and off without moving the radio. It is terrible inside and outside. The old version was better for am ,fm use. I do love the rest of the Ryobi tools use them all the time but this new version of radio is junk


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