Hitachi C10FCE2 10″ Compound Miter Saw


We this is our first Hitachi saw we have shown here on Tools in Action and I have to say I was pretty excited.  I have always heard great things about their saws and nailers.  I have to say the first thing I was excited about beside it being an Hitachi, was the size.  This saw is a 10″ which is perfect for trim job and cutting 2×4 or 2×6.  Seriously is that most of the cutting we do?  Yes it’s great having a 12″ slider for crown molding and bigger wood, but the weight sucks when you have to move it around from place to place.

I have to say the Hiachi seems to be a great saw.  Yes, I said seems to be.  The reason being is because it has all the bells and whistles of the other saws, but I haven’t had years of use of this saw, like I had with other saws.  I am sure it will hold up over time.  My only knock against this saw is it wasn’t true when I first opened it.  I did have to make adjustments to get a true straight cut.





  1. Hitachi saws look like some quality saw I was eyeing the 12″ slider but ended up going with the 780 but hitachi was definitely on my list

  2. Bought one of these after Hurricane Sandy, $100 at a home center. That storm got my 25 yr. old Makita chop saw, RIP, I needed a replacement for the rebuild & have had this since. It’s quite adequate & light, a bargain for sure. The blade it comes with is too coarse toothed, I can testify that as mentioned in the video review the dust collection is non-existent, out of the box it needs to be checked for true and max cut is a little under 6″. It’s portable & inexpensive, I actually prefer the d-handle trigger to the Makita’s handshake trigger & that was my baby.

  3. I have owned a similar model of this saw for about 5 years and it has stood up to a lot of abuse. It has been in and out of the truck 100’s of times and is still going strong.

  4. If you keep one of these in a truck or trailer keep the blade guard protected. I’ve had 2 now where the blade guard broke for no real reason just from transport and 1 where the plastic enclosure around the trigger broke as well.

    As far as the actual form and function it’s probably my favorite scms.

  5. I think hitachi is okay for the price. Not a tool brand I’d be crazy over. But that’s just my opinion. I do like their drills though. Tried a friends drill and really liked it. Wouldn’t trade my Milwaukee for it though.

  6. After reading your review i found it on sale at lowes and got it. I’ve used it for a few side jobs, i love the thing!


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