Ryobi Inflator Review

Ryobi Inflator Review

Ryobi is one of the largest 18V platforms on the market and they are exclusive to The Home Depot.  Add on that they offer professional features and they don’t charge a lot, well that is one of the reasons to invest in the Ryobi line up.  So speaking of Ryobi line up, let’s take a look at the Ryobi Inflator Review and see if this is worth the investment.

Ryobi Inflator Review Overview

I can’t tell you how often I use an inflator.  I never would have thought it would be one of my most used cordless tools, but it has been.  I have two kids and use it all the time.  I am also using it for tires and now that my neighbors know I have an inflator, they are borrowing it also.

For my kids, I am always filling up footballs, basketballs, and the large rubber balls that lose air all the time.  I have two go-to inflators, the Ryobi and the Milwaukee.  I tend to use the Milwaukee more since it has a set and forget feature, while the older Ryobi doesn’t.  However, the new Ryobi inflator offers some pretty cool features that make this a viable option in the inflator market.

Ryobi Inflator Review Features

Ryobi Inflator Review

The Ryobi, P747, is both an inflator and deflator. The unit is designed to fill anything from small toys, rafts, balls, tires and more.

Ryobi Inflator Review

The Ryobi Inflator is powered by the Ryobi 18V battery which works with all the cordless 18V Ryobi power tools.

Ryobi Inflator Review

On the front, there is a screen that will tell you the PSI of a tire and it will also let you program a target PSI.  Once the unit hits its target PSI, it will auto-shutoff.  There are four push buttons that are easy to set.

Ryobi Inflator Review

On one side of the unit, there is a hose for balls, tires and more.  You can also store the included accessories which are the nozzles, needle and Presta Valve Adaptor.

Ryobi Inflator Review

The other side has a large hose for floats, beds and more.

Ryobi Inflator Review Performance

Overall the performance is great.  I love how it reads the pressure when attached to a tire and I love how easy it is to set the pressure and start the unit.  Yes, it can take a longer time to fill a tire compared to a compressor but it’s also smaller and more cost-effective than just a compressor.

Ryobi Inflator Review

The inside of the thread is brass which means it will last longer.  I love how smooth it is when attaching to a tire.  We did have one tire where it was a problem with the thread.  Since it only happened once, I am assuming it was the stem on the tire.

My only issue with the inflator is the screen.  Looking directly at the screen, it’s easy to read.  However, if you change the angle, the screen is unreadable and useless.

While I am not a fan of the screen and not being able to see the screen at an angle, the rest of the unit is solid and easy to use.

Ryobi Inflator Review Value

You can pick up the Ryobi P747 Inflator from The Home Depot for about $50.  Considering how much use you can get out of this tool, I think it’s worth the money.  Also considering you can get into so many other tools on the battery platform, it’s hard to go wrong for $50.

Ryobi Inflator Review Wrap Up

As a homeowner, I am a huge fan of Ryobi.  I love the battery line and all the tools they offer.  I love how I can pick up other tools at the local Home Depot store.  But what I like best, is most of their tools are quality and don’t cost an arm and a leg.  While the screen needs to be improved, the inflator is a great addition.  The Ryobi is not as noisy as other units we have tested.  All in all, I like this inflator and it’s worth buying.


  1. Hey Eric, do you think the Ryobi P747 would inflate and deflate an inflatable boat (zodiac)? I can’t find any info that can tell me. Thanks Happy Father’s day, go Cubs.

    • Great questions. I think it would but it will be slow. I have used that to blow up an air mattress and the floatable lazy rafts. It didn’t have any issues but it was slow. Happy Fathers Day to you also.


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