Ryobi Inflator – 18V Power Inflator

Ryobi Inflator

The green machine, the Ryobi Inflator.  Just another tool in their 50+ 18V tool platform.  Well I really shouldn’t say “Just another Tool” because it’s not just another tool.  Ryobi has a ton of tools in their 18V line up and Ryobi doesn’t just put out tools to put them out.  Their 18V line is awesome for the homeowner and smaller contractors.  Ryobi tools are designed for the homeowner and that is their niche market.  The one thing I can say about Ryobi is that no other brand compares to them in the homeowner market.  Ryobi has it’s place and owns this market.  You get a heck of a tool for a great price.  In fact, look around and you will even see some contractors using their tools.  To me, that says a lot.  A company who designs tools for a homeowner, but even contractors are getting them.  So with that said, I don’t think this tool will be owned by many contractors unless that need a quick fix for their wheel barrow tires or if they like to play volleyball on their breaks.  Today we are talking about the Ryobi Inflator model P737.

Ryobi InflatorThis is one of my most used tools in my house.  I have an 8 year old and 6 year old who are constantly playing sports and riding bikes.  I feel that every day they are asking me to put air in their tires and sports balls.  I have been using the Ryobi P731 and love it.  It has saved me so many times from going to the hospital since I didn’t have to blow up rafts manually.  When I saw Ryobi has the handheld inflator out, I had to get this and try it out.

The Ryobi Inflator comes as a bare tool and retails for about $25 at The Home Depot.  For me, that’s a steal.  Now there isn’t much to this tool as it pumps air and you can hold it in your hand.  One thing that surprised me was how long the hose was.  The air hose is 20″ long.  I am not sure why I was expecting something shorter.  When not in use, you can attach the hose to the top of the unit for storage.  On the base of the tool, you can store your needle accessories.

On the back of the tool, there is a very easy to read pressure gauge.  When I first saw the gauge, my natural reaction was to try and turn it.  Not sure why, but it looks like it’s a dial for PSI setting.  Well it doesn’t work that way.  This is an inflator that you attach and have to watch the PSI and take your finger off the trigger when you have enough air.  The Ryobi Inflator is designed to work from 0-150 psi, so you do have a wide range of items this can be used for.

Again, there really isn’t much to this inflator.  Just attach it to your tire or insert the needle into the ball, pull the trigger and watch your psi.  So with that said, it does as advertised.  Anyone who has kids and you’re spending your days pumping up balls, rafts or tires, this is a must have.  With all the other tools available in their line, I am sure you will expand into other tools.  With a 3 year warranty, it’s hard to go wrong.



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