Ryobi Surface Dryer Review

Ryobi Surface Dryer Review

When it comes to the variety of tools and the price per tool, no one beats Ryobi.  Ryobi has a ton of tools on their One+ platform. You can get anything from a drill to a cooler and now they have one more unique item they added to their line up, the surface dryer.  So let’s take a look at the Ryobi Surface Dryer Review.

Ryobi Surface Dryer Review Overview

If you are not familiar with Ryobi, they are a manufacturer that makes quality tools, with professional features but at an affordable price.  Their line is sold through Home depot which makes it easy to pick up.

One thing to understand, this isn’t designed to dry a whole basement floor.  It’s great for damp corners, wet rugs, and jobs along that line.

The surface dryer is a new tool added to their line up.  Now here is what I love.  Not everyone needs this tool, but they still went ahead and made it because there are a lot of people who could easily utilize this tool.  So let’s jump in and see the features.

Ryobi Surface Dryer Review Features

Ryobi Surface Dryer Review

The Ryobi Surface Dryer P3330 is designed to dry smaller areas and will dry areas about 4.5 times quicker than air drying alone.

One of the best features of this fan is that you can either power it with a Ryobi 18V battery or plug it into an extension cord, so yes, it’s a hybrid. The battery will give you about 14 hours of run time on low.

Ryobi Surface Dryer Review

The battery or cord is on top of the unit and located on the back of the fan.

Ryobi Surface Dryer Review

The fan itself is located at the bottom of the tool.

Ryobi Surface Dryer Review

On top of the tool, there is a handle to move the dryer to different locations.

Ryobi Surface Dryer Review

There is also a strap to secure it or hold different wet floor signs.

Ryobi Surface Dryer Review

The fan has a toggle switch that allows the user to set it at low speed, high speed or turn off the unit.

Ryobi Surface Dryer Review Performance

Ryobi Surface Dryer Review

As I noted, this is for smaller areas.  I have a cellar that gets water in it every time it rains.  I have this plugged in and just let it dry the area.  The cellar is about 10′ wide by 30 feet long.  It will not dry the far end but it does a great job moving air over the floor and helping evaporate the water on the floor.

I used it one time on the carpet upstairs and it did a great job.  My son has one of the rubber balls with green liquid, the ones you can squeeze and it feels weird.  Well, it popped on the new carpet and stained the carpet.  Nothing took it out.  We tried everything and just ended up with a wet carpet.  I plugged in the air dryer overnight and by the next day, it was completely dry.  I know if I left it to air dry, it would easily be wet for a couple of days.

Ryobi Surface Dryer Review Value

You can pick this up at The Home Depot for $79.97 and that is a bare tool.  For me, I think it’s a decent price.  I have seen other dryers run much higher.  If you’re buying a fan, you can pay a lot more for a floor dryer.  So for about $80, it’s not a bad price.

Ryobi Surface Dryer Review Final Word

I am a fan of this dryer.  Remember it’s not designed to dry large basements or large areas.  I think the sweet spot of this dryer is for small spots and small areas.  I love that I can use a battery or plug it in.  The fan is quiet and performs like a champ, so what else would I want?


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