Ridgid Vacuum

Ridgid Vacuum

So here is the deal.  I reviewed this Ridgid vacuum a while back, here is the link – Ridgid Pro Pack Vacuum Review.  However, I am currently remodeling my house and a lot of people have seen the vacuum on our stories and videos.  One after another, people have asked how the vacuum has been holding up and how do I like it?  So we teamed up with The Home Depot to give you a quick overview of the vacuum and put it back on your radar for the people who have been asking about it and the people who are not familiar with this vacuum.

Ridgid Vacuum – Information

Ridgid Vacuum – Features

The Ridgid vacuum is designed for the job site and designed for heavy-duty use.  Here are some of the features this vacuum has to offer the user:

  • 5 HP motor (peak)
  • 4.5-gallon tank
  • 3 layer filter
  • 20′ power cord
  • Comes with 3 different accessories
  • Toolbox design for easy storage and transport in a truck
  • 7′ rubber hose

Ridgid Vacuum – Impressions

So there are features I love about this vacuum and some things I would like to see changed.  First, the pros.  I love the power, the size, the shape, the attachments and the hose.

For the size of the vacuum, it’s very powerful.  Speaking of size, it’s a small vacuum but the best part is the shape.  This vacuum is shaped like a box which means you can store things on top of when it’s sitting around or you are transporting it in your truck.  I also love how the hose locks in place so when you drag the vacuum around by the hose while cleaning, the hose doesn’t come out.

The handle is nice and big, plus it’s lightweight so if you are cleaning high places, no issues on reaching them while holding the vacuum.

So two things I would like to see changed.  First, I wish this vacuum had a bag.  I have been using some vacuums with bags and it’s so simple cleaning up and keeping your filters clean.  I would love this option.  Second is the door for the attachments.  Sometimes, I find them hard to open up when you are trying to access attachments. Other than those two items, I love this vacuum.

Ridgid Vacuum – Final Thoughts

Overall, this vacuum has been awesome for the job I have been using it for.  I have been using it on my house remodel for simple clean-ups before spraying paint, to larger jobs like cleaning up debris after demo jobs.  Each time the vacuum has performed and sucked up things I didn’t think it would.  I love the long extension cord as it creates less hassle.  I think Ridgid did a great job with the design and power that this vacuum has.

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