Ryobi Pin Nailer

Ryobi Pin Nailer

I have been working on my house for a long time and have been able to show off a bunch of tools over that time.  We get a lot of people asking how we like certain tools with one being the Ryobi Pin Nailer, model P318.  As with the Ridgid vacuum we talked about last week, the pin nailer is something we have reviewed a while back.  However, we wanted to bring it to the front again so we teamed up with The Home Depot to give you a quick overview of this nailer and my experience.

Ryobi Pin Nailer – Information

  • Name – Ryobi Cordless AirStrike 23-Gauge 1-3/8 in. Headless Pin Nailer
  • Model – P318
  • Price – $139
  • Where to BuyRyobi ONE+™ 18V 23Ga Pin Nailer
  • Ryobi Reviews – Ryobi Power Tool Review

Ryobi Pin Nailer – Features

A pin nailer is a great nailer to own for those projects that are delicate such as tiny furniture trim or other smaller pieces of wood that a finish nailer would split.  So here are a couple of features to this Ryobi pin nailer.

  • 100% cordless – no hose, no gas
  • Drive 1/2″ to 1-3/8″ pins
  • 23 gauge nails
  • Non-marring pads
  • Will shoot 3,500 pin nails per charge using a 4Ah Ryobi Battery
  • Sequential Driving

Ryobi Pin Nailer – Impressions

I never used or had a need for a pin nailer before.  However, since I have been working on my house, the need has arisen multiple times.  When I first need one, I bought a pneumatic on from The Home Depot.  While it was nice, I always had to deal with a cord and a heavy and loud compressor.

The Ryobi has been a game-changer.  Easy to move around, no loud noise, no cords and it fires al the time.  I have used it to build my mantle and shelving for the living room.  I recently use it for my 3 piece trim.  I was able to build the trim on my workbench, make a single cut and then hang it, instead of hanging every piece individually.

As far as power, there isn’t an issue.  It fires every time, haven’t had a jam and works great.  The battery has lasted all day.  At night, I always take it off and toss it on the charger so it’s ready for the next day.

Now the pin nailer is a little heavier than my pneumatic nailer but well worth the trade-off for not having a cord and dealing with a compressor.

Ryobi Pin Nailer – Wrap Up

Overall, I love this nailer.  When looking back, I wish I would have bought this nailer before the pneumatic nailer.  However back then, I wasn’t sure how the cordless nailer would work compared to the pneumatic nailer.  After using both nailers for multiple projects, I don’t even grab my pneumatic nailer anymore.  I go right for the Ryobi because I know it will sink the nails and do what I need it to fo for the job at hand.


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