Husky Extendable Square

Husky Extendable Square

A rafter square is a measuring tool that every carpenter carries around with them.  Most guys carry the 6″ but there are times you need a 12″ square for larger pieces of wood.  However, it stinks carrying around two squares or even carrying around the larger square as it takes up more room and can get in the way.  So what is a carpenter suppose to do?  Well, Husky has a pretty cool invention that takes care of this problem, the Husky Extendable Square which is a 2-in-1 square.

The square is a 6″ square for your common applications.  However, if you need a larger square, it will expand into a 12″ square.  So for those who rely on the 6″ square but need a larger square occasionally, this is a great addition.

Husky Extendable Square – Infomation

Husky Extendable Square – Features

The Husky 2-in-1 is a unique rafter square that allows you to take longer measurements without changing the overall footprint of the tool.

  • Foldable arm turns 6″ square into a 12″ square
  • Arm securely folds shut for compact tool belt storage
  • Laser marked notches
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Lifetime Warranty

Husky Extendable Square – First Impressions

Taking it out of the package, you can feel the weight, it;’s solid and not some flimsy piece of junk.  I like how easy it is to read the white lettering on the black background.  I do wish the silver foldable arm was easy to read.  It’s a little hard to read since it’s all one color.

The arm is easy to open and close.  One worry I had was how well the arm lined up with the square.  After checking it, it lines up perfectly.  After digging a little deeper, I found out that they put the arm on the square and then cut it down to size to get a true line for every square.  When the arm is open, there is enough resistance in case you want the arm standing up or at a different angle.

In regards to the arm and hinge, they seem very solid.  When the arm is closed, there are three small balls that hold it securely against the square.  I can’t speak for long term use, but the hinge also seems well laid out and solid.  Doesn’t look like any part is exposed and would cause the hinge to break, which is a plus.

Husky Extendable Square – Wrap Up

Overall, I love this square.  It’s nice having a smaller square with larger capabilities.  While I do wish the silver foldable arm was easier to read, the tradeoff is worth it.  The quality of the square is solid and not like some of the cheap squares we have seen over the years.

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