Ridgid Pro Pack Vacuum Review

Ridgid Pro Pack Vacuum Review Overview

Ridgid is known for building quality tools for the professional such as plumbers and other tradesmen. One thing they have dominated over the years is their vacuums. If you have been following us, you know we have reviewed a ton of their Jobsite vacuums and rave about them all the time. So how does this pro Pack stand up? Let’s check out the Ridgid Pro Pack Vacuum Review and see.

Ridgid Pro Pack Vacuum Review Overview

While a lot of power tool manufacturers have gone cordless with their vacuums over the years, this one is still using a power cord. For some, they might want to cut the cord while others will welcome this as they will have unlimited run time, plus they can still use this vacuum if they aren’t invested into the Ridgid 18V line of power tools. Don’t worry, Ridgid has plenty of cordless vacuums in their product line.

I have been remodeling my house and one thing I have been using the heck out of vacuums. While I love cordless vacuums, when I am doing bigger jobs like my house, I want a power cord. Sure it can be a pain with the cord getting stuck on walls and stepping over them but I love not having to change batteries all the time.

So I am one of these people who love having a cord in their vacuum especially since batteries don’t last that long in vacuums because they require so much power.

Ridgid Pro Pack Vacuum Review Features

Ridgid Pro Pack Vacuum Review Overview

The Ridgid (Model WD4522) is a 4.5-gallon corded vacuum. Ridgid designed this with a 5 Hp peak motor which means it has some serious power to pick up wet or dry debris.

The hose is a flexible hose that can stretch up to 7′.

Ridgid Pro Pack Vacuum Review Overview

The end of the hose that is attached to the vacuum is secured with a clip.  So if you pull on the vacuum, the hose will stay attached.

Ridgid Pro Pack Vacuum Review Overview

On the front of the vacuum is a large on/off switch which means you can easily turn it on with gloves.

Ridgid built this with a foldaway handle so when not in use, it will fold away into the top of the vacuum.

Ridgid Pro Pack Vacuum Review Overview

Here is one of the coolest features of this vacuum, the shape.  The toolbox design means when you store it or put it in the back of your truck, you can actually put stuff on top and won’t have dead space anymore.

Ridgid Pro Pack Vacuum Review Overview

The vacuum comes with a couple of attachments, including two plastic wands that are stored on the side of the vacuum.

Ridgid Pro Pack Vacuum Review Overview

On the top of the vacuum, each side can open where you will find the power cord and other attachments.

Ridgid Pro Pack Vacuum Review Overview

On one side, there is storage for the 20′ power cord and the crevice tool.

Ridgid Pro Pack Vacuum Review Overview

The other side has a dust brush and floor tool.

The three included attachments are decent. They aren’t cheap, thin plastic. I am so used to seeing a company use thin plastic for their tools, so I am happy Ridgid stepped it up a notch.

One cool feature is the exhaust port or blower port. Normally these are exposed and cause dust to kick up into the air. With this being under one of the lids, the air isn’t blowing directly on the floor, which means less dust and debris circling the air.

Ridgid includes a filter (VF3400) with the vacuum. While it’s a decent filter, they do offer better filters you can upgrade to. The filter just pushes over a pin in the middle to hold it in place. The VF3400 is ideal for sawdust and general debris.

Ridgid Pro Pack Vacuum Review Performance

I have to admit, this vacuum may be on the smaller side, but it picks up a ton of debris, both large and heavy items. No problem picking up screws, nuts, plaster and more.

As I noted earlier, I love having the blower in a contained place. I am remodeling my house and using vacuums all the time. Every time I turn on a vacuum, it blows dust everywhere.  With the Ridgid Pro Pack. I don’t have to worry about dust flying into the air and having to breathe it in.

Ridgid Pro Pack Vacuum Review Overview

While I love this vacuum, I have a huge gripe. I am not a fan of the access doors for the tools. I love the location, but now how you open them. Ridgid uses a push system where you push to open the door. The problem is both the top part and the bottom part move together so it’s always a struggle opening these doors. I would love to see a different design so I can easy open and close the doors. I end up spending more time opening these dors, than vacuuming.

Ridgid Pro Pack Vacuum Review Value

The Ridgid Pro Pack retails for about $80 on The Home Depot website.  For me, I think this vacuum is worth the money. The vacuum is powerful and offers some great features such as the design. It’s a perfect size to carry around in your truck or have at the shop. It’s powerful and for $80, it’s worth the investment.

Ridgid Pro Pack Vacuum Review Final Thoughts

Here is one thing to consider. This vacuum has been out a while. The fact that it has a 4.5-star rating on The Home Depot and Ridgid hasn’t had to redesign this vacuum, says a lot about the quality of this vacuum. I love the box design, the power and how the exhaust is deflected. While I wish the side doors had a better design, I can’t argue with the power.  This is a great vacuum for the money.


  1. I have been using the vac for over two years mostly as a trim carpenter checklist vac. I also manage some properties and have recently connected it to my miter, used it for drywall dust with bags and a filter. Good for dusting high areas as you can hold the vac while on a ladder(not too big), I’ve replaced the brush duster twice.

    I bought it because of the size and shape. Works great packed around my Tstaks in my truck.


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