Ridgid Panel Light Review

Ridgid Panel Light Review

You may remember a while back we talked about the Ridgid folding panel lights.  However, that was more of an introduction to the panel light.  Since then it has become more popular and we have fielded many emails about the light so we thought it was time to create a Ridgid panel light review so here we are.

Ridgid Panel Light Review Overview

As you know lighting up a work area is critical because who likes to work with shadows or in the dark?  Over the years the lighting world has grown by huge strides with the introduction of LED lights.  No longer are the days of hot lights or lights that burn out quickly.

LED lights are much more powerful, provide a better quality of light and don’t provide heat matched by the sun.  While all power tool manufacturers produce some type of Jobsite lighting, not all LED lights are created to a high caliber.

So before you run out and buy any LED lights make sure you do your research.  Speaking of research let’s jump into some of the features of the Ridgid Hybrid Panel Light.

Ridgid Panel Light Review Features

Ridgid Panel Light Review

The light features 2 folding panels with one stationary panel.  The stationary panel has 24 LED lights while each folding panel has 12 LED lights.  These 48 lights produce 2500 lumens.

One of the best features of this light is you can power it off a Ridgid 18V battery or plug an extension cord into the light.  If you decide to use a 5Ah battery you can expect to get about 14 hours of run time on low.

Ridgid Panel Light Review

On the side of the light, there is a push button to turn the light on or off.  This button is also used to adjust the brightness by turning the knob in either direction.

Because this is a panel light, you can set it up almost any way and shine the light in any direction.

Just to the left of the on/off button is a knob that will allow you to rotate the light in a variety of different positions.

If you still are having a tough time getting the light to shine in a precise location you can always mount the light using the thread system or you can hang it on some nails on the wall. There is even a place you can run a wire through and hang it from above.

Ridgid Panel Light Review Performance

As far as performance it’s what you would expect.  The panels are solid and the hinges seem like they are quality and will last for a long time even under heavy use.  The light produces a nice white.  What we really like about the light is the true color performance. We tested this near an electrical panel and looked at a bunch of different color wires.  As a user, you can easily distinguish between red/orange black/brown and other colors that might blend together.

Using the light over and over we were always able to set the light up and shine it in any direction, which is key.

Bottom line the light performs as advertised.  While we didn’t run it on low and get the 14 hours of run time, we did get decent run time for the variety of applications we used this for.

Ridgid Panel Light Review Value

While the light doesn’t come with a battery, the $99 price tag is a steal.  Ridgid makes quality products and this light isn’t any different.  If you are looking to light up your work area and have the ability to shine light in any direction, this is a great value for $99.

Ridgid Panel Light Final Thoughts

Overall this is a quality light from Ridgid.  If you are in the Ridgid platform and already have the batteries, it’s a no brainer.  We love the fact that there are two ways to power this light and wish all manufacturers would follow Ridgid’s lead.  The 24 Lumens puts out plenty of white natural light for use in any area or any job site.  There’s not much to complain about with this light so if you are in the market for a new light, this should be one you take a serious look at buying.


  1. C’mon Makita like a lot of other users I’m heavily invested in tools and batteries follow Ridgid’s lead and give us a bright work light and a mid-torque impact wrench!

  2. I have this light. It is great. I hang it on screws on the wall while I am working on my bench in the garage to provide additional lighting. I highly recommend.

  3. I bought this light at HD and liked it so much I went back and bought another along with the Ridgid tripod and flood light. Flood light is great for getting into small spaces and the 2 panel lights throw some much needed light in my garage workshop!

  4. I have to take it back. While I agree with the other reviews it has a critical flaw for me. I can’t switch it on or off from the switch. Every time I turn it on and depower it, the switch is returned to the off position. So I can’t mount it high on a pole or a roof and control the power from a switched outlet. It should have a hard power switch and the light control as separate functions.


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