Ridgid Lights – Three Lighting Solutions for Your Needs

Ridgid Lights

Lighting has changed over the years.  A couple years back, the only light we really had was the cheap light that came in a kit.  Yes, we had stand lights and flood lights, but these were incandescent lights that became hot and the bulb would break if it was dropped or kicked.  Today we are seeing new solutions from manufacturers and the LED lights have replaced the incandescent lights.  The new LED lights run cooler, they are lightweight, have a longer life and don’t break when kicked or dropped.  We are starting to see companies come out with new and innovative solutions for the job site.  Ridgid not wanting to be left behind came out with three new LED lights.  All three of these lights are different and serve a different purpose.  So let’s take a look at the Ridgid Lights and see what they have to offer.  All these lights can be powered by a Ridgid 18V battery.

Ridgid Lights – GEN5X 18-Volt Hybrid Folding Panel Light

Ridgid LightsFirst on the list is the Ridgid Folding Panel Light.  I am still not sure if this is my favorite Ridgid light or the Flood light as they are both great lights.  With the panel light, you truly can shine up any area.  The light can be powered by a Ridgid 18V battery or attach directly to an extension cord for power.  I love having the option of using either power source.  In regards to lighting capabilities, this puts out 2,500 Lumens, which is a ton of light in such a little size.

The light can be folded backward for a full 360° lighting area.  You can also tilt the light forward to shine light straight or you can even tilt the light up to shine light upwards.  The light can work on a single charge for up to 14 hours on low.  To adjust the brightness, there is a dual function switch/dial on the side.  Push in the button and you will active the on/off function of the light.  Once the light is on, you can use the same dial to turn up or down the brightness.

This light has a ton of options when in use.  The carrying handle acts like a nice base where the light can sit upright.  You can also hang the light from a wire as it has a place designed for this type of use.  Still not enough?  The base also has two notches where you can hang it from a screw or nail.  If you happen to be lucky enough to have the Ridgid tripod or another tripod, you can even attach it to the tripod.  The light has a 1/4-20 thread which is standard on most tripods.

I have to say that Ridgid did a great job with the design of the light.  I love the two power source options, so if you don’t have a battery or aren’t invested in the Ridgid line, you can still use this light.  With the folding panels and different mounting options, there really isn’t a place you can’t light up.


Ridgid Lights – GEN5X 18-Volt Flood Light

Ridgid LightsNext on the list is the Ridgid Flood Light.  This light is innovative and has some very cool features to it.  As with the panel light, this also puts out 2,500 Lumens.  More than enough to light up an area.  While the panel light won’t go everywhere such as when working in very tight spaces like under a sink, the Ridgid flood light will.  While the light has a cradle to set up the light, you can also remove it from there and make the light even smaller.  With this light, you can get up to 20 hours of run time.

The flood light uses the same dial/push button system.  Push the button once and it will turn on.  Push it again and it will turn off.  The dial also acts as a way to increase or decrease the brightness of the light.

While the light is in the cradle, you can swivel the light 180°.  The cradle also provides a wide range of hanging solutions.  There are two metal hooks that hideaway in the cradle, but can extend so you can place it on a 2×4.  There are also two keyholes to hang from a screw or nail.  As with the panel light, this can be mounted to a tripod using a 1/4-20 thread system.

The one thing I really like about this light is the amount of different ways to use or hang the light.  The cradle is great for some jobs, while other tighter jobs, you can remove it to get into tighter spaces.  For me, this is an innovative light that most tradesman can utilize for their lighting needs.



Ridgid Lights – GEN5X 18-Volt Light Cannon

Ridgid LightsThe last light on the list is the Ridgid Light Cannon.  If you are looking for an extremely bright light, this might be the best option.  This light puts out some serious light.  The Ridgid light can be powered by either using an 18V battery or the included 12V car adapter.  Once you turn this on, you can light up any area with the 2,500 Lumen capability.  If that is too bright for your needs, don’t worry.  On the back of the light, you can dial the brightness down to suit your needs.  I know what you’re thinking, if the light is this bright, what kind of run time can it really have?  Well, I am happy to tell you that with a 5 Ah battery, you can have a run time of up to 30 hours.

In case this is a light you don’t want to hold in your hand, you can either hang it upside down with it’s on board cord retainer or attach it to a tripod with your standard 1/4-20 thread.  The head pivots 180°, so again you can light up any area you want.

The unit has 4 LED lights with a nice reflector that helps produce the Lumens and shine the way.  Where I think this light will really shine (sorry about the pun), is for boaters.  Since you can use this as dual power, you can plug it right into your 12V socket on your boat.  This is great because you can leave it in your boat all year round and don’t ever have to worry about a dead 18V battery.  So in case of an emergency, you always have light.  Well, I guess if the power on the boat goes out and you don’t have a battery, you will be SOL.  Hey, maybe you can trade the light for a tow to shore.  Bottom line it’s a great light for those looking for a spotlight.

Bottom line, I am impressed by these lights.  I love the three different solutions, so you can find a light that will meet your needs.  The lights are quality lights that have a ton of power to light up your area.  The Panel Light and Flood Light are both innovative solutions for the tradesmen.  The Cannon Light is extremely powerful for those who need a bright spotlight.  I love the fact you can mount them on a tripod or use them by themselves.  If you are looking for job site lighting, these should be something you should consider.  With a lifetime warranty, it’s hard to go wrong.


  1. Nice to see Ridgid come out with some lights, they are pretty cost effective but they can’t beat out my love for the Tru Viewj


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