Makita Diamond Cup Wheel Review

Makita Diamond Cup Wheel Review

Concrete is an amazing material that is easy to work with and can provide a rock solid foundation when cured.  However, when concrete cures, it becomes extremely hard to work with so we need to develop tools and a full line of accessories to work with this material.  Lucky for us Makita has a cool accessory that can make our job easier so let’s jump into the Makita Diamond Cup Wheel Review.

Makita Diamond Cup Wheel Review Overview

Makita isn’t the first to market with this product.  In fact, most major manufacturers have some type of diamond cup wheel.  Dewalt, Hilti and Bosch all sport their version of these wheels.  So isn’t a diamond cup wheel just a diamond cup wheel?

In fact, you can see differences from one brand to another.  Some brands have more diamonds per square inch which means it will cut much faster and last much longer.

Everywhere you look you can find anything from inexpensive to very expensive diamond cup wheels.  So what makes this one different and is the quality worth the price?

Makita Diamond Cup Wheel Review Features

Makita designed this 7″ wheel to provide low vibration during heavy use.  This way you can get more work done with less fatigue.

The wheel is designed with a 5/8″-11 arbor and offers quick changes.

The diamond cup wheel is designed for paint and adhesive removal as well as concrete surface preparation.

Makita Diamond Cup Wheel Review

The wheel has 24 segments which means more contact with the surface you are working with.

Makita Diamond Cup Wheel Review

As you can see Makita doesn’t cheap out on the materials used on this wheel.  You can see the diamond per square inch is pretty solid and will allow you to cut through some serious material.

Makita Diamond Cup Wheel Review

While the wheel is great it really shines when you couple it with the Makita dust extraction system.

Makita Diamond Cup Wheel Review Performance

Makita Diamond Cup Wheel Review

I have to admit, this Makita diamond cup wheel rocks.  While I wish we could have put it to use for a threshold or garage floor, we had to settle with a test piece of concrete.

Makita Diamond Cup Wheel ReviewWe used a Makita 7″ corded grinder along with the Makita dust management system.  While we were impressed with how fast the wheel cut through concrete, we were really impressed with the overall dust management system.

The wheel powered through the concrete and we really didn’t feel many vibrations.

Sorry, we don’t have more pictures of the in action but we tried it before the dust management system and the concrete dust got all over the camera so none of the pictures came out except for this first one before the dust started flying.

Makita Diamond Cup Wheel Review Value

As I said earlier you can buy cheap cups and very expensive cups.  While most of the expensive cups are worth the extra cost, sometimes we don’t want to fork out a ton of money.

The Makita is priced for about $100 at The Home Depot.  The cup is a quality cup and seems to made with premium materials.  So for $100, it’s worth the cost.

Makita Diamond Cup Wheel Final Thoughts

Overall this is a great wheel to own.  It’s rock solid and should last a long time and let you get some serious work done before having to replace it.  The wheel is easy to work with and you’re not trying to fight it.  For a price tag of $100, it’s hard to beat.


  1. I have the four inch version of this wheel and have started using it to strip the paint off the basement floor. It is holding up surprisingly well, with minimal wear, and no chatter to speak of at the half way point of the project. Really liking the dust shroud options for the Makita grinders. Easy to source and not overly expensive for what you get. The tuck point dust shroud is a pretty impressive unit too.


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