Husky Leather Glove Review

Husky Leather Glove Review

Husky is a brand that has been around for a long time and if you ever step foot in a Home Depot store, then you know the name.  Husky is a house brand for The Home Depot.  It’s a brand that is geared towards the homeowner.  They want to offer a quality tool that won’t break the bank.  While Husky has a large line of products, they are mostly known for their hand tools as they have always been predominant at the store.  However today we are going to jump in a different direction with the Husky Leather Glove Review.

Husky Leather Glove Review Overview

When working outside it always important to protect your hands.  Leather gloves are a great solution for protection.  While they don’t offer the elasticity of other gloves, they offer durability and a better protection from penetration such as nails or wood fragments.

So when you look at these gloves, look at them more for protection and you have to understand you will not be able to work with a small screw or other projects that require dexterity in the finger.  You will be able to plant, pull weeds and do a variety of useful outdoor activities with these so don’t think that they won’t offer any dexterity.

Husky Leather Glove Review Features

Husky Leather Glove Review

The gloves are made from a premium grain cowhide leather which means they are perfect for heavy-duty work.  The cowhide leather will not only last but offer high protection for your hands and fingers.

Husky Leather Glove Review

These gloves are water-resistant so they are perfect for working in damp conditions.  Now they are not waterproof, so you will still get wet hands after a long period of exposure to water, but the water resistance is a nice feature to have.

Husky Leather Glove Review

Critical parts use double stitching to help increase the durability of the glove even under heavy use.

Husky Leather Glove Review

The wrists have an elastic feature to not only help keep the glove on but provide comfort and stop debris from getting into the gloves.

Husky Leather Glove Review Performance

Wearing the gloves are what you would expect.  They are leather gloves so you know that they will provide a ton of protection compared to other materials on the market.  While you won’t have the ability to work with smaller items, these gloves are great for a wide variety of work conditions such as moving wood, raking and more.

I found these glove to be comfortable and typical of what you are used to with leather gloves.  The one nice feature to point out is the soft leather.  These gloves are very soft which means they are broken in.  You don’t have to worry about putting on stiff gloves and not being able to perform any work until they are broken in.

Husky Leather Glove Review Value

The Home Depot is selling these gloves for about $15 which isn’t bad at all.  With a thicker leather and double stitching, they are hard to beat.  While you can find gloves cheaper and also more expensive, I think for $15 they offer the user a decent value.

Husky Leather Glove Review Final Thoughts

Overall these are worth a look when you visit The Home Depot.  If you are looking for gloves that are comfortable and will provide superior protection for your digits, these are the gloves to own and for only $15, it’s hard to beat.


  1. Nice review. I’ve tried these gloves. They are a great work glove. I’m in the construction, demolition, they are comfortable they last pretty good and have great dexterity. The only bad thing is Home Depot doesn’t seem to carry size medium any more. Does anyone know where I can get size medium ?


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