Ryobi Cable Lights Review

Ryobi Cable Lights Review

Ryobi is a manufacturer that takes things to the next level.  They are tools that are designed for the homeowner, but professional features and they won’t break the bank.  As a homeowner, it’s the best line of cordless power tools to own, hands down.  They are one of the largest lines of tools, you can pick them up at The Home Depot and their quality has increased tremendously over the last couple of years.  Recently I saw they came out with some new lights so we figured we had to have a Ryobi Cable Lights Review.

Ryobi Cable Lights Review – Overview

So what is the Ryobi light system?  Ryobi created a portable lighting system that people can use camping, tailgating, in their shop or where ever you need extra lighting.

Ryobi Cable Lights Review – Features

The cable lights are designed with three lights and a hub which are all connected together. The lighting system can be powered by either a 18V Ryobi battery or you can plug it into the wall using AC.  I think it’s great Ryobi designed this with two power options.

Ryobi Cable Lights Review

From the base, there is a 10′ cord to the first LED light.  Then there is another 10′ power cord to the second LED light and the same for the third LED light.  So a user can get up to 30′ between the base and the last LED light.

Ryobi Cable Lights Review

The LED lights put out 500 per light or a total of 1,500 lumens between all three lights.

The lights feature three different modes, high, med and low.  Unfortunately, you can not control each light separately.  So when you change modes, it will change all three lights. On high a user will get about 3 hours, medium is 6.5 hours and low is 15 hours.

Ryobi Cable Lights Review – Performance

1,500 lumens does a great job lighting up dark areas.  The 10′ cord is sufficient as you can really spread the lights away from each other and get lights to cover a wide area.

Ryobi Cable Lights Review

While the three LED lights are nice, for some reason I would have loved to see 5 total lights.  Yes, I understand the run time would be lower and you would need thicker cable, but I think 5 lights would have a much better time eliminating shadows.

Ryobi Cable Lights Review

The one item I really love about these lights is the color.  These lights are not blaring in your face and creating spotlights.  These lights have a really nice soft spread pattern to them.

Ryobi Cable Lights Review – Value

Ryobi always provides a quality tool for a great value.  While I think some people will love these lights, others might have a hard time swallowing a $100 price tag.  Some people might opt to buy the Ryobi work light instead.

Ryobi Cable Lights Review – Final Thoughts

As far as workshop lights, I can’t say I am 100% sold on this option.  If you are into camping and other outdoor activities, these are a nice option.  Having the two power options makes these a great portable lighting option.  While I think the price tag is a little high, these are lights that will last you a long time and you will easily get your monies worth.


  1. It’s hard to understand just how bright these lights are until you see them in person. This is a really bright (sorry) idea Ryobi had! They are awesome!


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