Powernail – The Company and the 50F

Powernail - The Company and the 50F

Have you ever heard of Powernail?  If you are in the flooring business, then you definitely know who they are.  If not, it’s an amazing company, with the best flooring nailers and they are right here in the USA. There are a lot of companies in the US, but not all companies share such a great story as Powernail, so I thought I would get you a little more familiar with the company so you can understand why their products are so good.


Company Overview

Powernail started back in 1947 in a garage located in Chicago, IL.  While most business start in a garage, not all garage business have such a long track record of Powernail. In 1950 they developed, designed and patented the L-Style flooring cleat.  I have a house built in 1924 but the hardwood floors are from the 1950s or 1960s.  So for me, this is weird to think that those cleats that were developed by Powernail back in the day, are the same cleats holding my floor together for the past 70 years.  To me, that is extremely cool.

In 1951, they invented the model 145 manual cleat nailer.  At the time, they didn’t have the portable compressors as we had nowadays.  Back then a compressor was the size of a truck.  So manual was the only way to go.

While there is a lot more to the Powernail history, my main point is they created this category, they designed the tools and they own this category.  Not since 20 years ago, but over 70 years ago.  So they have the history and the knowledge and that is one reason they create the best and most reliable flooring nailers in the market.  They not only designed the tools but they designed the most practical cleat for hardwood flooring.

Before I move on, I want to cover two important points, location, and ownership.

Powernail is not a publicly-traded company.  They are a family run business that has been past from generation to generation.  So as a family, they can worry about the customer, they don’t have to worry about shareholders and answering to them.  So as a family, they can make the best tool and not worry about profit margin.

Second, they are located in the USA.  Actually, they are located in Lake Zurich, IL which is in my backyard.  For me, I want to support US companies, companies that support our economy and our workers.

So in the end, it’s a win-win.  You have the best, most durable flooring nailers, with a long history that is family-owned, right here in the United States.

Product Overview

I am not going into all the products Powernail offers but they do offer a nailer for any flooring job along with some cool accessories.  Also, let’s not forget the best-suited fasteners for the job.  I have used the 50P on numerous flooring jobs and let’s just say, it’s the cream of the crop.

We had a chance to visit the company headquarters in Lake Zurich where they make fasteners, tools, and accessories.  All I can say is it’s pretty cool to get a behind the scenes.  Even their mallets are built right here, even the wood is from the USA.

Powernail – 50F

When we were at the company headquarters, we were able to try and see first hand some of the nailers.  One of the newer nailer si the 50F which is an awesome nailer.  I will be revisiting this nailer down the road but wanted to give you a quick overview as this is a popular nailer and you might have questions and want to know more about it.  I am in the process of remodeling a house so I will be using this for the project and will post to Instagram and more.


  • Name – Model 50F 18-Gauge Hardwood Flooring Nailer
  • Model -50F
  • Price – $280
  • Where to BuyAmazon


As noted above, the Model 50F has some cool features and is a workhorse.  Here are some of the feature this nailer has to offer.

  • Installs 3/8” to 3/4
  • Drives 18 gauge cleats
  • Cleat size range – 1” to 1-3/4
  • Adjustable FLEX Foot – No tools required
  • Unique nose for a wide variety of flooring profiles
  • Quick jam clearing
  • Directional exhaust
  • 1-year warranty


We had a little time on this tool but as I noted, we will be installing more flooring.  My biggest take away from this tool is how compact and how it can really be utilized for tight spaces.  Yes, it’s designed for long runs of laying a floor, but this will allow you to get much closer to the wall without having to stop.

This is just one of the tools you pick up and you can feel that it’s built to last.  I can’t explain it, but it has that feel, the feeling of quality.

While I love this nailer, the one thing I would like to see changed is the pneumatic connector.  I do wish it came with a swivel connector.

When it comes down to it, that is my only complaint which isn’t much.  When we tried it out and used it, I love how it slides, the ease of firing a fastener and the large foot, plus the easy adjustment.

Wrap Up

Bottom line, Powernail is a company you need to look at for your flooring needs.  While we will test the 50F soon, I can look at the company’s history, reputation and past experience and know I am dealing with one of the best.  The time we had with the 50F, was a positive experience, just as it has been with their other flooring nailers.

If you are in the flooring business, I know I don’t have to explain to you about the company and their products.  If your new or looking to start a project, I would buy a Powernail nailer.


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