Milwaukee PinPoint Level Review

Milwaukee PinPoint Level Review

What is your favorite level?  One thing is for sure, I am sure some will say Milwaukee which is weird because they are new to this space and ten years ago, the Milwaukee name would have never crossed your mind.  Lately, Milwaukee is hitting every category in the tool world including the measuring segment.  So today we are talking about one of their new releases, the digital level.  So let’s take a look at the Milwaukee PinPoint Level Review.

Milwaukee PinPoint Level Review Overview

The world is level, well not really but as far as our brains are concerned, we need things to be level and straight for us to function.  Think about the level things around you, your desk, the picture, the bed, and the list goes on and on.  In fact, our brains are so well trained that if something is out of level, it stands out.  Think about a sidewalk, a road or a wall.  When it comes to working with and depending upon things being straight, a carpenter is one of those professions that need a straight finished product.  However, throughout their day, they are dealing with things that aren’t straight and trying to make them straight.

Which brings me to one of their critical tools, a level.  A level is an extremely old and ancient hand tool that has been around for thousands of years.  While they have changed over the course of their life, the concept is the same.  One new feature to levels is a digital level and that is where the Milwaukee PinPoint level comes into play.  While they weren’t the first to market with their digital level, they have built on for the trades that are designed for accuracy and durability, plus ease of use.

Milwaukee PinPoint Level Review Features

Milwaukee PinPoint Level Review

The level is a 24″ level, model number MLDIG24.  According to Milwaukee, this has accuracy 2 times better than other digital levels. The level has an IP65 rating making it perfect for the jobsite.

The level is powered by a Milwaukee 4V battery which is rechargeable.

Just plug in the included power cord and you can charge the battery.  The plug is located on the back of the level.

Milwaukee PinPoint Level Review

The digital level is extremely easy to read as it has a nice large display and a great contrast from the background to the forefront number. When a measurement is found, it lights up and you can even set audible tones.

Same for the top.  You can see a reading from the top-down and the contract of the black and white makes it easy to read.

Milwaukee PinPoint Level Review

The rubber bumpers protect each end from drops.  One great feature is how easy they are to remove in case you need to get in a corner.  Plus they lock into place when you need them and you can be assured they won’t fall off.

Milwaukee PinPoint Level Review

Both sides of the level feature a very smooth and straight finish.

Milwaukee includes a storage bag to protect the level when not in use.

Milwaukee PinPoint Level Review Performance

This is one of the easiest digital levels we have tested.  The menu is well laid out and easy to navigate.  You can pretty much-set anything on this level in under 10 seconds.

I love how easy it is to read from the side or above.  The contrast is nice and easy on the eyes in light or dark areas.

For me, the durability and accuracy say it all.  The level is built like the other Milwaukee levels, tough.

I do wish their were some vial on the level in case the battery dies.  Once the battery dies, the level is useless until you change batteries.

Milwaukee PinPoint Level Review Value

You can pick this level up at The Home Depot for about $270.  Yes, $270 for a 24″ level.  For some, the money is worth it for what you get.  However, that is a big chunk to swallow for a 24″ level.  I would have been more excited to see it priced around the $100 mark.

Milwaukee PinPoint Level Review Final Thoughts

Overall this is a great level.  The level is easy to read and easy to use.  Most importantly, the level is accurate and durable for the job site.  My question is, how many contractors are ready to dump $270 into a level.  Sure, there are plenty of applications and jobs where you really need to dial down the accuracy and I understand spending that much money.  What do you think?  Is this level too high priced or a perfect solution for those jobs? You can check out the Milwaukee page to learn more about this level.


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