Power 8 – Innovation or Gimmick?


Products like the Matrix and Bolt-On have been around for a while with limited fanfare.  Trying to get the home owner to invest in a modular system is tricky.  Now we have the Power 8, I recall seeing something like this at the National Hardware show back in 2011.  I love infomercials they always make the product the best things since sliced bread.  Everything works perfect.  Get a guy with an English accent and an inquisitive soccer mom  who is amazed by everything and you got yourself instant sales.  To me this looks kind of neat but I have serious doubts that it will last.  The quality looks suspect.  Did she say Halogen light? lol  Oooh, aww, amazing, wow!


  1. This power8 workshop would be great for my mother in law. Every time she needs something fixed I always have to load up my tools and take them to her house. (Pain in the ass)

  2. LOL!! I saw this stupid infomercial a few nights ago on the DIY network (or HDTV?). Yes, she/he said halogen light, which is better than sliced bread with butter to add. I do have to admit that I watched it all in a trance wanting to order this $#!+. They sure make sound like a deal of a lifetime. Another example was a flashlight that used halogen bulb going against a cree led. They stated that their light was brighter, but clearly it was less lighter than the other name brand. I think they hope people are half asleep or looking at late night tv without their glasses. Funny stuff. Did you know iWorks started with infomercials & look at them now. Laters TIA

  3. Listen guys….I saw the picture and thought….,”Man what a joke”.
    ENGLISH ACCENT! Clearly this is a tool I need now. Like most Americans, when I hear and English accent I have to buy whatever it is….NO MATTER WHAT!

  4. Wow! Now that’s a piece of kit!
    Seriously though, that ad actually hurt to watch. This thing is still rocking a (you only get one) Ni-cd battery. Amazon has one listing for it with a disclaimer say they have no idea when or even if the product will ever be in stock again. Some people, man. Great find though Dan!

  5. Looks like the Gude product (a german company they make good and affordable tools).the big problem is the handle you break it and you will have nothing.

  6. “oooh that sounds very powerful, love it” “you’re being kinda rough with it” “no more mess, and no more stress!” “click, click, lock and load”

    with catch phrases like that how could you not buy it

  7. great idea piss poorly executed, saw one of these last time i was visiting family in the UK, cheap and flimsy. If a premium manufacturer made something like this it would be an awesome kit, but right now its Chinese made rubbish!

  8. Wow this looks like complete junk… and all i could think while watching it was why did they film this on the Brady Bunch set. I kept waiting for Greg Peter and Bobby to come out and use it to build a club house, that would of course fall apart by the end of the infomercial.


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