Heat Your World With The DeWALT Heated Hoodie – DCHJ068B


Even though it’s summer time around the U.S., it’s never too late to start thinking about investing in a heated Hoodie.  Wow what a coincidence, that’s what we are talking about today.  Dewalt is starting to come out with some cool, well warm, heated work gear that is not only fashionable, but practical.

The Dewalt heated Hoodie is powered by either a 20V max or a 12V max.  One thing Dewalt did different with this jacket is you can put the battery pack in the backside of the jacket or if you don’t mind losing a pocket, you can keep it in the front left pocket.  The slide on battery can also act like a charger for your phone or other electronic devices.  There are two USB ports, so if you are an electronic geek, you will be in heaven.  On the top inside of the Hoodie is where you can control the three temperature zones.  Since it is summer time in Chicago, I can’t say how well this works when it gets cold.  But considering I just turned it on for a couple of minutes and was sweating my butt off, I have no problem saying this will perform as advertised. You get 7 hours on low with a fully charged 20V 1.5AH battery


  1. I really like this sweater & it’s very subdue, no loud color, simple grey & black. I got my jacket a few months ago now my sweater. I suggested a yellow jacket with black letters, but DeWalts research dept didn’t like me idea I guess. That would have been cool & a loud color for those that like that sort of thing. Laters TIA

  2. Eric/ Dan, Looking forward to the TIA Dewalt/Milwaukee fight, would like to know which lasts longest on a 2ah battery, which feels the warmest, which seems best made. I know Dan always says if you are a Dewalt LOVER etc you would have that one, but would like to know which is the best ignoring which battery line you already have. Living in England both the Milwaukee and this Dewalt hoodie are not available here yet. From past comments on here it is a myth that europe or at least Uk get all the tools before you! One thing for certain in the US tools are a lot cheaper! (that must be why Dan left the Uk). I was about to import a Milwaukee hoodie from US, but this dewalt does have some +ves with the battery location. Noticed the black version is slightly different. Both makes have a major plus in that you can put them in a washing machine compared to the heated jackets. Also looking forward to the multi tool TIA fight. Thank you Eric/Dan, I always watch/read your reviews.

  3. This would be great for Deer hunting, maybe I wouldn’t get so cold I shake the whole tree, I swear I think the deer were rolling on the ground laughing at me.


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